How OrCam MyEye helped Zoe return to work after vision loss

2019-09-05 | By Orcam Staff

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How OrCam helps people with vision loss, the story of Zoe Hartman

My name is Zoe Hartman, I’m 25 years old and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I lost my vision at the age of 22. OrCam has improved my life, given me independence, and brought me back to the things I love, and overall helped ease the struggles of vision loss.


Prior to my vision loss, I was working in the film industry as a production assistant, with the goal of becoming an assistant director. The vision loss happened suddenly one day and my vision decreased further over the next few months. After a year of tests and misdiagnoses, a biopsy revealed inflammation in my brain, from an unknown cause, that had damaged my optic nerves.


I’ve learned to use a white cane to get around and magnifiers to help me read. However, most of the time I rely on others for assistance. Many simple tasks are difficult without the help of someone who can read small print. I also had difficulty getting back to work and hobbies.


I was first introduced to OrCam on a news segment. A few months later, a former coworker of my mom started working for OrCam. I came in for a demo and to try out the glasses. I was overcome with emotion as I used the OrCam MyEye to read for the first time in years.


Today I’ve gone from relying on the help of others to living on my own and doing things for myself. I use OrCam MyEye for basic activities like grocery shopping and reading mail. The device helps me pay for purchases without relying on someone else to count my money. It also helps me read signs so that I can get around on my own. Since having OrCam, I have been able to do my own grocery shopping and use the subway by myself.


I have even gone back to work. I’ve worked on a couple of television shows and have used my OrCam MyEye to read documents and fill out paperwork. I am able to do these activities more quickly as well, which is an asset in the fast-paced film industry. And, I recently started a new job at a local restaurant as a reservationist, which I couldn’t have done without my OrCam MyEye.


OrCam has also helped me get back to the activities I love. It helps me read menus when out to eat with friends or family and read small print on labels at the store or at a museum. I have considered returning to one of my favorite hobbies – theater – because I can now read a script.


OrCam has truly changed my life. Adjusting to and living with a visual impairment has its struggles. But, OrCam has given me back my independence and made my life easier.