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Recently updated on May 2018

When you use our website, including through mobile devices, or our mobile applications, we use cookies and similar technologies (such as pixel tags, JavaScript, tracking URLs, etc.) (collectively, “Cookies”), to ensure that we give you the best possible experience, by providing you with personalized information, remembering your preferences, helping you obtain the right information for you, to analyze traffic or for advertisement purposes.

These technologies are either used by us directly, or by our business partners, including third party service providers and advertisers we work with. You can find out more about cookies and similar technologies, how we use them, and how to control them, below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files — usually consisting of letters and numbers — placed on your computer, tablet, phone, or similar device, when you use that device to visit a website, including mobile website and our applications. Cookies are widely used by website operators to make websites operate, run more efficiently, and provide analytic information.

Cookies can be placed on your device by the website operator such as OrCam, when you visit OrCam’s website, such Cookies constitute – “first party” Cookies, or by a party other than OrCam, in which case the Cookies will constitute – “third party” Cookies.

Cookies can be differentiated by their time of use:

– “Session Cookies” are Cookies that exists between the time you visit a website and the time you ended the particular browsing session. Session Cookies expire and are automatically deleted when you close your internet browser.

– “Permanent Cookies” are Cookies that stay on your device – they do not expire and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. The length of time permanent Cookies stay on your device varies from Cookie to Cookie. We and others use permanent Cookies for a variety of purposes, such as to store your preferences so that they are available for the next visit, to keep a more accurate account of how often you visit our websites and applications, how often you return, how your use of our websites and applications may vary over time, and the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

How do we use Cookies?

The different types of Cookies we and our service providers may use, include:

Technical Cookies. Cookies which are required for the operation of our sites. Such Cookies enable you to move around the websites and applications. Disabling these Cookies will negatively affect the performance of the session and may render various features and services unavailable.

Functional Cookies. Such cookies are used to remember your preferences and thus help you use our websites and applications more effectively. For example, such Cookies enable you to log-into your personal area easily (without re-typing full identifiers each time you connect), allow you to create a shopping cart, and enable us to present our websites and applications in your preferred language. While these Cookies are not strictly essential, they significantly improve the performance of our websites and applications for your benefit.

Analytics Cookies. These Cookies allow us to measure and analyze activities on our websites and applications. We may use such Cookies to understand what pages are often visited, to ensure that visitors can easily find information relevant to them, and to understand the effectiveness of our advertising. We use such Cookies to optimize and improve our websites and applications, for example by counting the number of visitors and understanding how they navigate in our website when using it.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies. These Cookies record your online activities, including your visits to our websites and applications, the pages you have visited, and the links and advertisements you have clicked. Such Cookies are used to present you with personalized advertisements, and make the content displayed on our websites and applications more relevant to you. For example, when you visit our websites or applications, we may cause an advertisement to be presented to you, on our websites or on other websites of our business partners.

How to Manage Cookies

You can decide whether or not to accept certain Cookies. One way you can do this is through the settings section on your Internet browser or mobile device. Most mobile devices and Internet browsers allow some control of most Cookies through the settings section (please note that if you use your browser or device settings to block all Cookies you may not be able to access part or all of our websites and applications.

If you are located in the EEA when accessing our Website, the use of permanent and Third Party cookies will comply with the laws applicable to you.

If you have any questions about how we use Cookies not answered in this statement, you may contact us by sending us an email to:

This Cookie Statement may be changed from time to time in OrCam’s discretion. We will post any changes to this statement on our websites and applications.