Unleash your students' full potential

Powered by globally-awarded AI technology, OrCam Learn is a game-changing solution that offers practical reading support and feedback to students, while empowering educators with data and analytics to better guide their students' academic journeys – so challenged readers can become independent readers, enjoy learning, and grow their confidence.

Students can now read any text independently

To access any text, a student simply points & clicks for OrCam Learn to read a full printed page or screen out loud! Including from a book, tablet, or classroom handout.

Makes reading and learning flow for every student

With the “Reading Pal” feature, learners read any text to the device and receive conversational and encouraging responses. Then OrCam Learn assesses the child’s reading comprehension by asking content-related questions – and provides real-time feedback.


Read With Ease From Any Surface

OrCam Learn reads any printed or digital text at just the push of a button.


Increase Reading Fluency & Accuracy

Read any text to OrCam Learn, and get conversational and encouraging feedback.


Boost Reading Comprehension

OrCam Learn tests reading comprehension by asking content-related questions, and provides feedback on the responses.

Enables more teaching and less assessing

OrCam Learn provides teachers with the insight and support they need to guide students with learning challenges more effectively; freeing them up to spend less time assessing and more time teaching.

Identifies areas of improvement for each student

Through analyzing data from student reading sessions, OrCam Learn identifies areas of challenge, and equips teachers to navigate each student’s learning journey.


More teaching, less assessing

OrCam Learn’s ongoing progress-tracking for each student allows teachers more time to focus on core educational activities, rather than assessment


Freeing up teaching assistants

Enabling students to work independently can free up teaching assistants


Personal AI Companion

OrCam Learn’s Exam Mode allows students to take exams with their entire class, freeing up scheduling and space constraints

Maximise Your Full Potential


When I was researching the impact of using an OrCam Learn on students’ outcomes, it became abundantly clear to me that not only does using the OrCam Learn substantially help improve students’ comprehension of written texts but it also supports them to work independently.


Dr. Helen Ross

Special Educational Needs specialist and Dyslexia expert


The OrCam Learn solution enables our students to be as independent as possible with their learning experience, and as headteacher I absolutely recommend it.


Michelle Catterson

Executive Headteacher at Moon Hall School, UK Vice Chair, British Dyslexia Association


I am glad that I have access to it as one of the tools that I can use to help my students be more independent and integrated within the general population of students with less adult support.


Charisa Cheek, Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Coordinator

Cooperative Educational Services Agency #5, Wisconsin


I am able to do schoolwork by myself now! And I can read a whole book through and enjoy it... My grades improved so much. Went from a C all the way to an A.


Aidan Lane, 13 years old, The Thomas Hardye School

Student at The Thomas Hardye School