OrCam Hear

OrCam Hear is a breakthrough solution for people with varying degrees of hearing loss, focused on dealing with auditory overload in multiparty conversations in noisy environments, known as the "Cocktail Party". OrCam Hear enables to hear only the conversation counterparts, filters out other voices.

Cutting-edge AI technology

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology and proprietary voice enhancement deep learning models, OrCam Hear excels in isolating the voices of distinct speakers using their voice signatures.

Solving Cocktail Party Problem

OrCam Hear enables people to overcome the difficulty to understand speech in noisy situations, known as the "cocktail party problem", a well-recognized challenge for traditional hearing aids. This overwhelming cacophony can lead to avoidance of social situations, which significantly impacts overall quality of life.

How it Works

The OrCam Hear’s EarBuds and a Mobile phone dongle are controlled by a dedicated app available for iPhone. After sampling the selected voices for a few seconds, using AI, the app creates a unique speaker profile that encapsulates the voice signature for each of the speakers.

Enhanced Hearing, Anywhere

OrCam Hear technology will expand its reach, seamlessly integrating with third-party hearing devices, offering users unparalleled clarity and convenience across a wider range of hearing aids.

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