OrCam Hear - Listening Redefined

OrCam Hear is a revolutionary hybrid hearables solution that enables you to tune into what matters: hear whoever you want while tuning out everything and everyone else.

By improving speech intelligibility and reducing the auditory overload, OrCam Hear enables users to participate in multiparty conversations in noisy environments, such as at a birthday party or restaurant.

Enhanced Hearing, Everywhere

Enjoy focused dialogue with your chosen conversation partners, even if they move around. Using AI based hyper-selective hearing, OrCam Hear enables you to tune into what matters: amplifying selected voices while muting undesired speakers and background noise.

Rejoin the Conversation

OrCam Hear enables people to overcome the difficulty to understand speech in noisy situations, such as at a birthday party or restaurant. This overwhelming cacophony can lead to avoidance of social situations, which significantly impacts overall quality of life.

How it Works

The OrCam Hear’s TWS earbuds and mobile phone dongle are controlled by a dedicated app available for downloading on iPhones. Simply drag the speaker icons towards who you want to hear, and the app will do the rest!


Wireless earbuds: enable to receive and make phone calls or listen to music


A dongle connected to the smartphone that provides high-end audio from a mic array and sends audio using low-latency Bluetooth (LE Audio) to the earbuds


A mobile app that runs the AI separation models, and controls the intuitive user interface

A Word From Our Users


“In the restaurant, I don't use hearing aids at all, because the experience is just a nightmare. I don't want to become even more deaf. The Hear is in a league of its own; it doesn't compare to any other experience I've had in a restaurant. Till now, my options were either to be deaf while wearing hearing aids due to the noise or to hear almost nothing, guess, or read lips when unaided. With the Hear, the conversation was flowing and easy, it was fun not to ask questions over and over again. It's like comparing apples and oranges, Hear is a true game changer."

OrCam Hear user

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