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OrCam leverages AI for handheld and wearable assistive solutions, catering to the visually impaired and those with reading challenges.

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MyEye 3 Pro

For the Blind and Visually Impaired

Provides visual and text descriptions along with an AI assistant all in a wearable device.



MyEye 2 Pro

For the Blind and Visually Impaired

Wearable solution, instantly read text from any book & screen, seamlessly recognize faces & more.


OrCam Read 3

For Low Vision and Reading Fatigue

A handheld device equipped with an AI-powered Smart Magnifier that reads any text.


OrCam Read

For Reading Challenges & Difficulties

A smart handheld device that reads aloud any text from printed and digital surfaces.

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Across 50 countries and in 25 languages, OrCam's technology is empowering tens of thousands of users every day. Their stories speak for themselves – Dive into the firsthand accounts of our amazing users

The Future of Hearing Technology


Coming Soon!

OrCam Hear

An innovative solution for hearing loss, tackling the challenge of hearing in noisy multiparty conversations, often referred to as the "Cocktail Party" effect. It allows users to focus on specific conversation partners by filtering out background voices and ambient noise.