For An Avid Reader, The OrCam MyEye Has Been A Blessing

2017-04-06 | By Orcam Staff

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Read the guest post by Hadas Bar - OrCam

When I heard that Orly Castel Bloom’s book “An Egyptian Novel” won the Sapir Prize for Literature, I rushed to the store to buy it.  I put the book down on a growing pile of books that I hoped to be able to read one day.


I used to love reading and getting lost in Castel Bloom’s novels. But my passion for reading became difficult as I began to lose my sight. I underwent several eye surgeries, which caused my vision to deteriorate.  During that time, I decided to focus on singing which is something that I didn’t need my sight to do.  But, for as someone who loves reading, it was extremely difficult not being able to do what I loved. The only thing left for me to do was hope and pray that one day I would be able to read again… and that day came.


I haven’t had the OrCam MyEye for very long, but I have already been able to read books and dozens of newspapers articles that I had wanted to read for a long time. While I had a device that enlarged letters, over time it stopped being helpful. A few months ago I got to try the OrCam MyEye and it has changed my life.  Over the weekend, instead of making my poor husband read me stories from the newspaper that don’t interest him, I put on my glasses with the OrCam device and it reads to me. To open a newspaper, browse, and select an article that catches my eye – it is a dream come true!

I received another book as a present, but I wasn’t able to read it for over a year. Everyone was talking about the book, it was so frustrating! As soon as I got the OrCam MyEye, I opened the book and finished the entire thing in three hours.  OrCam took away that frustrated feeling.  Due to the OrCam MyEye, my enjoyment and confidence has returned.


Besides reading books, I enjoy being able to easily identify products at the supermarket. In light of some dietary restrictions that I have, it is important for me to read the nutrition chart and fine print on the products, and the OrCam MyEye helps me do that.  The OrCam MyEye has been a big step in my journey for an easier and simpler life.