Dozens of OrCam Devices Will Now Empower Visually Impaired Students and Teachers in the Philippines

2019-09-16 | By Orcam Staff

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MyEye Empowers Visually Impaired Students and Teachers in Philippines

OrCam MyEye 2, the most advanced assistive wearable technology for people who are blind or visually impaired, has changed tens of thousands of lives all over the world, allowing them to read text, recognize faces, identify products, and more, sometimes with the help of generous foundations and organizations. In an amazing gesture of generosity, featuring the groundbreaking technology of OrCam, St. Joseph Foundation and the Aboitiz Foundation donated 25 OrCam MyEye 2 devices to six different institutions in the Philippines.


Many attended the launch event which included the ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement signing and the presentation of the devices, including partners, foundation representatives, and beneficiaries.


“Today with this project, may you be reminded that you can absolutely do many things — that if you fix your path towards your full potential, no disability can stop you from achieving who you want to be….Beyond these devices, we give you a helping hand that will assist you in pursuing your dreams. More importantly, we give you the gift of trust. May this project symbolize a strengthened belief in yourselves from knowing that many of us believe in your capabilities to be special.”

– Maribeth L. Marasigan, Chief Operating Officer, Aboitiz Foundation


The beneficiaries of the project included those from Northern Luzon School for the Visually Impaired; Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation; Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB); Luke Foundation; Low Vision Group of the Philippines; Integration, and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired (ATRIEV); and the Ortigas Foundation.

The students receiving these devices will now gain a level of independence that was previously nearly impossible for them to achieve. With OrCam MyEye 2, they can now read any printed or digital text, including their school books, recognize the faces of their classmates and teachers, and much more.


“OrCam will be very helpful to us. This will allow our trainers who are either blind or still with light perception to use the breakthrough device in their different community-based deployments in far-flung areas.”

–Antonio D. Llanes Jr., Executive Director of ATRIEV, an organization specializing in technology-based education for the visually impaired.


On the day following the event, the students of PNSB received a special OrCam MyEye 2 demonstration. The school will empower its visually impaired teachers and students to carry out learning activities independently, by utilizing OrCam MyEye 2.


“With this assistive technology, we will now be able to give better education to our visually impaired learners, who will be able to work side by side with sighted children.”

–Corazon Salvador, PNSB Principal