In A Textual Dominated World, OrCam MyEye Has Helped Douglas Rudolph Find His Freedom

2016-03-07 | By Orcam Staff

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Helping the Visually Impaired to Read Independently - OrCam
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Wow, really, I can actually read a regular textbook, or anything else I choose?” This was Douglas Rudolph’s first response when he heard about the OrCam MyEye from his ophthalmologist.


Doug, 24, has always been visually impaired. He wore glasses as a kid which helped his sight until his retina detached for the first time at age 11. It has detached 4 times since then. Although there are genetic issues in his family, doctors are unsure of exactly what caused this problem.


Growing up with vision loss was difficult. Doug’s biggest struggle was reading especially since he does not read Braille quickly. Until he received the OrCam MyEye, Doug completely relied on computer screen readers. Now, a few months after receiving the OrCam MyEye, Doug’s life has changed.


As someone who constantly is in transit, Doug uses the OrCam MyEye to read the bright LED signs on buses, allowing him to know at which stop to get off.


As a psychology major at the University of Regina, Doug uses the OrCam MyEye to help him read textbooks and library books for assigned readings for his classes. No longer does Doug have to wait for the accessibility department to order electronic books, potentially getting months behind in readings. Now, he walks into the bookstore, finds the required books, and begins his readings right away. “The renewed feeling of freedom, the relief of stress is amazing, something that I personally haven’t felt since starting university.”


Doug’s goal after school is to work in the correctional field. He hopes to use his degree to work with people on probation or parole. As someone who knows what it is like to regain independence and freedom, Doug hopes he can help steer people in the right direction and create a new life for themselves.


Doug is thankful that the OrCam MyEye assisted in creating a feeling of freedom, equal opportunity, and a much better level of access to a print and textual-dominated world. “As this technology expands, it is clear that it can only get better from here, but when living in the here and now, this is purely amazing”

Douglas Rudolph is a Canadian university student. One of the first people to benefit from the OrCam MyEye assistive technology device’s availability in Canada, Doug feels extremely fortunate to have found a device that has provided him with newfound accessibility and freedom