Students with Dyslexia Maximize Their Potential with OrCam Learn

2021-10-21 | By Orcam Staff

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Students with Dyslexia Maximize Their Potential with OrCam Learn

Moon Hall School is a special school for children with dyslexia or reading difficulties who are struggling to read. For most of these students, reading is an arduous task that requires intense concentration and hours upon hours of practice. But now, thanks to the OrCam Learn device, they can read from their textbooks without having to struggle through each word on the page!

Moon Hall School: For Students With Dyslexia or Reading Difficulties


Moon Hall School is a special school for kids aged 7-16 with dyslexia. It was established in 1985 in order to help students overcome their difficulties and live normal lives as they grow up. Reading disorders affect the ability of students to read, speak, write, or spell words easily. Today, they have enrolled hundreds of children with dyslexia and have established themselves as the finest school for those with reading challenges in the United Kingdom.

“OrCam Learn is Fantastic!… Students Can Access Their Educational Resources” – Michelle Catterson, Executive Headteacher

OrCam works in collaboration with a number of firms and organizations to assist those who have learning difficulties or dyslexia. Many students at Moon Hall School had never experienced a new kind of reading system until they used OrCam Learn. Michelle Catterson, Executive Headteacher at Moon Hall shared her opinion on OrCam Learn:


“The OrCam Learn is fantastic. When students are using it, it puts them all on a level playing field. So, no matter what their reading ability, they can all access their educational resources in lessons…”

Moon Hall Dyslexia1

Michelle also highlights why OrCam Learn is the most advanced reading device for students with dyslexia:

“Assistive technology for students with dyslexia has been available for years, but until now – due to the necessity of “scanning” text word by word, or at most one sentence at a time – there has not been any solution that means students, like those at Moon Hall, can keep pace with the typical amount of reading in a school day.”

“It’s Very Comfortable to Hold in Your Fingers, it’s Like a Pen…” – Daisy, Year 7 Pupil

Not only does OrCam Learn receive praise from dyslexia tutors and experts, but also from genuine users and real students with reading difficulties. When the pupils of Moon Hall School utilized this advanced reading tool, they were amazed and overjoyed. Here are the some reviews and experiences of the pupils with OrCam Learn:


“You are able to just scan a piece of text and it can read it back to you. You don’t have to faff about with getting someone to read it for you, which I find very useful.”- Leo de Diepold, Year 11 Pupil


“It’s very comfortable for you to hold in your fingers because it’s like a pen but a little bit, square pen really.” – Daisy Dailey, Year 7 Pupil


“It’s really helpful. Now you can listen to it and memorize it that way.”- Harry de Diepold, Year 11 Pupil

Moon Hall Dyslexia3

Those are just some of the amazing experiences with OrCam Learn and there are much more. Students with dyslexia are now feeling liberated and are on the road to success with OrCam Learn.

Student Friendly Reading Assistance to Keep Pace

OrCam Learn does not require any internet connection which allows you to use this amazing reading device anywhere, anytime.

Moon Hall Dyslexia4

Students with dyslexia and reading difficulties will be much more independent and less stressed thanks to OrCam Learn. They will be able to maintain their reading pace, just as other kids. Furthermore, they won’t be put under strain or need to rely on someone else.

Listening to the Dyslexia Tutors and Experts

The teachers at the Moon Hall School have experienced OrCam Learn and have observed the students when they are using this fascinating reading tool. They have pointed out that OrCam Learn removes barriers and enables independent access. OrCam Learn can assist school children with reading difficulties to be more empowered and self-reliant in their academic careers.

OrCam Learn: The Most Advanced Reading Device

With OrCam Learn, you can scan a full page of a book, and it reads everything for you. This portable reading device will increase your quality of life. OrCam Learn does not require any internet connection, and you can use it anywhere, anytime. 

To learn more about OrCam Learn, fill the form below and start to elevate your reading.