Shopping Made Easy with OrCam MyEye: The Story of June Wheeler

2017-03-05 | By Orcam Staff

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Shopping Made Easy with OrCam: June Wheeler's Story - OrCam

Six years ago, I received the diagnosis. Following a routine eye exam with a local optician, I was informed that I had dry-age related macular degeneration. Subsequent regular checks have indicated a gradual deterioration of my condition, but it remains “dry.” I’m a typical 76-year-old from South West London.


As a result of my macular degeneration, I began to find everyday actions, such as placing toothpaste on my toothbrush, increasingly difficult to carry out. Identifying products while shopping, recognizing faces, and reading the newspaper – all of which are instantly and disceetly performed by OrCam – were among a growing number of daily activities with which I had difficulty as my vision deteriorated. I now have a range of magnifying tools which help me, and I read books on a Kindle where I can increase the type size.


I first read about the OrCam MyEye assistive technology device in the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) magazine. Upon reading what OrCam could do for me, I wanted one and as soon as possible. After the first practical demonstration of the device, I was amazed and excited about the help OrCam MyEye provides. I was so thrilled when my own OrCam arrived!


OrCam MyEye assists me with shopping. I am now able to buy the correct items in the supermarket. Furthermore, I do not get confused between products as I use my OrCam MyEye to read the labels and make sure I am selecting what I intend to buy.


Along with being a great help during shopping runs, I find the OrCam MyEye extremely empowering when it comes to reading newspapers and mail. My confidence in being able to live my life with a greater degree of independence has risen dramatically since I started using OrCam MyEye.