The OrCam: What it did for RNIB Member Patricia!!!

2016-07-25 | By Orcam Staff

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The OrCam & What it did for RNIB Member Patricia!!! - OrCam

A few months ago, I got to address the RNIB Scotland’s Members Forum in Glasgow. I was there representing OrCam and told the members about the amazing OrCam My Eye, an intuitive mobile device, a smart camera that aids the lives of blind and partially sighted people with the point of a finger. The OrCam MyEye will read text from a book, magazine, newspaper or a letter to the user through a small speaker. The OrCam MyEye also harnesses the power of facial & product recognition. During my hands on demonstrations, I spoke to member Patricia; she was amazed at what the OrCam could do. She took some contact details and went back to her table. After the event, I received an e-mail that Patricia had booked a one-on-one demonstration at her home. The next day, I went to her house to give her the demo. Patricia was so impressed that she purchased an OrCam MyEye on the spot.


Here’s what she achieved.

Patricia and her OrCam


Patricia, 52, has no sight what so ever and hasn’t seen the changing faces of her three daughters in such a long time, that is tough to take in, however the facial recognition features of the OrCam My Eye helps ease that pain somewhat. One of her daughters took part in the one-on-one training session and following my instructions, Patricia loaded a facial image of her daughter into the OrCam MyEye. After naming the image, Patricia sent her daughter out of the room and instructed her to re-enter. Suddenly, and on cue, the OrCam MyEye said “It’s Christine.” Wow, Patricia’s joy, her excitement of what had just happened was overwhelming and it was simply one of those “you had to be there moments.” The OrCam may not help Patricia see her daughter but she now, at least, knows when her daughter is in the room.


A couple of days later, as a matter of routine, I made a follow-up call to Patricia just to see how she was doing with her new OrCam MyEye. “I took my OrCam shopping and loved the experience,” she said. She then informed me that she was sitting in a restaurant having lunch and she had read off the menu, the first time she has done this since sight loss and it was a liberating feeling. You could just tell by her voice that her comments were genuine.


A couple of months have passed since Patricia took delivery of her OrCam. Her name came up in conversation while I was chatting to another client, so I made a call and enquired how she was getting on with her OrCam. Patricia was still very impressed by what it could do and told me of how she took it on holiday to Malta. She also took it with her on a short break to York in England where she got immense pleasure out of ordering cod & chips from the large menu on the wall of a fish restaurant. I am so pleased for her, she is such a lovely person and I wish Patricia all the best and I hope the OrCam MyEye helps her achieve other goals moving forward.


Want to find out more about the OrCam then log onto or for a demonstration you can call 0800 358 5323 in the UK


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