OrCam MyEye 2 Gives This Blind Mother a Second Chance at Life

2019-09-16 | By Orcam Staff

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OrCam MyEye 2 Gives This Blind Mother a

In 2012, Holly Bonner lost her sight. As a mother of two, Holly was devastated and went through a tough time in her life. She was no longer able to perform basic daily living tasks on her own, that she was able to before her vision loss. However, thanks to her OrCam MyEye 2 assistive technology device, she can now raise her two daughters with confidence and independence.


As a mother of a small child and a newborn baby, Holly needed to be able to perform many tasks on her own. Using her OrCam device, Holly reads books to her daughters independently. This option gives her the feeling of enablement and allows her to provide her daughters with one of the most memorable quality time activities kids have with their parents. Holly can also identify which food item she is taking out of the refrigerator or cupboard using the device. Holly can recognize faces of friends, family and coworkers using OrCam MyEye 2’s facial recognition.

Hollie’s New Life With Her OrCam MyEye 2

Describing OrCam MyEye 2’s features, Holly said, “It’s a very simple pointing gesture, all I have to do is point to a page, and it’ll read me all the text. It does facial recognition, by taking a picture of the person, I can store their face in the memory of the OrCam MyEye, and the next time I see them, the OrCam automatically knows who I’m seeing.”


She can even go shopping independently using the device. Using OrCam MyEye 2, Holly can identify products at the store, as well as money notes, colors and more. While many people take these independent capabilities for granted, for Holly they are life-changing.


In addition to being a full-time mom, Holly works as a social worker. Her OrCam device helps her read documents and printed files instantly. In addition, she can read from computer screens and other digital surfaces.


Holly enjoys the subtle wearability of OrCam MyEye 2, which allows users to wear it without attracting any special attention to it. “The thing that I love about OrCam, is that it’s here it’s on my head but unless it’s really looking, it’s attached to your glasses you don’t even know that it’s there. So I don’t have to wait for daddy you know. I could just use the OrCam and we read the book together and they love it. “


Holly was featured on Inside Edition, describing her life with OrCam.