Kathryn's Story: Not being able to read was embarrassing and frightening

2015-09-02 | By Orcam Staff

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Kathryn Theisen Shares How OrCam Changed Her Life After Her Vision Loss

Born and raised in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, Kathryn Theisen still lives just a short distance from where she grew up. It was there that she raised her two daughters and enjoyed a successful career as a nurse, despite a birth defect that left her blind in one eye.


But then Kathryn developed central vein occlusion in her other healthy eye and her remaining vision quickly slipped away. Within the next couple of years, Kathryn could no longer see well enough to read text or identify the faces of her friend or family around her, and with her vision loss, her life took a painful turn.


“My life was so boxed in. I was dependent on everyone. When I went shopping I would have to ask total strangers to help me find things, which was humiliating. Not being able to read was embarrassing and frightening”, said Kathryn. “But now those feelings are gone because of OrCam”.


Now that Kathryn has an OrCam MyEye, she loves being able to shop on her own, read her own mail or newspapers, and order for herself at restaurants. Even the ability to simply pick up a book and read it is very exciting for her when you haven’t been able to read for thirteen years.


“The first book that I read with OrCam was about words of wisdom and I read it in just an hour. I was so surprised because I had read this book before using a magnifier and it had taken me three hours!”


Watch the full video to hear from Kathryn about her experience with using OrCam and how it has changed her life after her vision loss.


“Orcam helps gives me all kinds of independence so that I don’t feel like a burden. It fills a huge void in my life.”

–  Kathryn Theisen


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