How OrCam Has Changed the Life of this Visually Impaired Mathematician

2019-09-16 | By Orcam Staff

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How OrCam Has Changed the Life of This Visually Impaired Mathematician

Many Australians suffer from sight loss, visual impairment, or dyslexia. Jacqueline Doust, a visually impaired mathematician and mother, lost her sight more than 20 years ago due to retinitis pigmentosa. Then she discovered OrCam MyEye 2, and her life has improved in ways she could previously only imagine.


OrCam MyEye 2 is the world’s most advanced assistive wearable device for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties. It reads any printed or digital text, recognizes faces of friends and family members, identifies tens of thousands of products, and much more.


“It’s the most advanced wearable artificial vision device in the world, It works with a very powerful microprocessor and a camera and a speaker. It enables people who are blind or partially sighted or even dyslexic people to read independently, anywhere.” said Peter Cracknell, an OrCam expert.


Jacqueline’s family has been dealing with blindness for centuries.

“Now OrCam has empowered me to read the newspaper myself and any brochure I come across. OrCam also reads the barcodes on my groceries so that I can shop and organize my own pantry.”


OrCam MyEye 2 has even assisted Jacqueline in staying involved in her community. Jacqueline runs a girl’s math club, as she is a mathematician by trade. “If I’ve got a group of girls sitting in front of me and someone asks how do I do question six and I look in the direction of her voice. OrCam recognizes who’s speaking, tells me her name. Then I lean over her shoulder, point to the question with my left hand as OrCam reads me the problem. I can then use my right hand to demonstrate the solution.”