Blind Veteran Can Read Again Thanks to OrCam MyEye 2

2022-05-26 | By Orcam Staff

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Blind Veteran Can Read Again Thanks to OrCam MyEye 2 - OrCam

Cyril Saunders, a veteran and grandfather-of-five, lost his sight more than ten years ago. He served in the Royal Infantry after he joined in 1949, serving in both the Royal Artillery and the Metropolitan Police. In 1998, however, he suffered a torn retina, and in 2008, he developed macular degeneration. Unfortunately, due to his sight loss, Cyril has no longer been able to enjoy one of his biggest passions in life, reading.


“I have been severely sight impaired for the last 10 years, I have no forward vision,” Cyril said. “When I realized I couldn’t read I tried using audiobooks but it just isn’t the same as holding a book.” Cyril eventually discovered the OrCam MyEye assistive device, the world’s most advanced AI assistive reading technology, and with the help of Blind Veterans UK was able to obtain the device and get back to reading independently.

Getting a Revolutionary Assistive Device

“Getting the OrCam MyEye was the best thing to happen to me,” said Cyril. “This small piece of equipment has changed my life.”


Blind Veterans UK, the organization that loaned Cyril the device, has been helping ex-servicemen and women of the UK rebuild their lives after sight loss since 1915. “They’ve been very good to me. They’re a wonderful organization. Any ex-serviceperson with sight loss, for goodness sake, get in touch with Blind Veterans UK.” says Cyril.

OrCam MyReader
OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye is a small wearable device, the size of an index finger, that easily clips onto pairs of glasses with tiny magnets. It works intuitively with the press of a button or a point gesture, translating visual information into audio. The device reads out loud any printed or digital text, through a tiny speaker next to the user’s ear or through earphones.


“It’s so small you wouldn’t believe it. It’s just a little camera no more than an inch and a half long… I have spectacle frames and it just hooks on. You just put it on and it will photograph whatever it’s pointing at and will read it to you. It even has a flash if it’s dark… If you have a notice you want to read and you have it upside down, it will tell you to turn it the right way up, too. It’s very clever.”


Now, Cyril can pick up any newspaper, book, or brochure, and read independently again. “I had a go with it and started reading the newspaper – I haven’t read one in years.” Cyril expressed interest in reading the Jack Reacher series, and now that he has OrCam MyEye he will have no trouble doing so. “Suddenly I find that I can read books again.” He says with glee.

Technology That Changes Lives

woman sist on the sofa and reading a book with OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye is a voice-activated smart device, designed to enable blind or visually impaired people to gain their independence back!


Assistive technology tools that will increase a person’s independence by allowing them access to visual information (text, faces, products, colors), conveyed by audio, which will enable them to be more self-reliant in their daily lives.


Discover more ways the OrCam MyEye can assist you!