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screenshot of OrCam website with finger pointing to itUse this command to change the voice on your OrCam device: 1. Point at the OrCam Please command or use the trigger button. The device will say: “Use volume buttons to change voice.” 2. Listen to the chime and then to the entire command prompt. 3. Press the volume up or down button once within 10 seconds of the initial chime to choose between the two available voices. Find the voice you prefer and that gives you the best clarity. 4. After two seconds you will hear the announcement: “Hi, I’m Brian/Kendra”. This announcement will be in the new voice.    

OrCam Please Change Voice



Thank you.

If your OrCam device announced “Hi, I’m Brian/Kendra” in the new voice,

you have successfully changed the voice.

If you wish to change the voice again, click Change Voice once again.



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