alt= jama logo alt= OrCam logo The American Medical Association’s JAMA Ophthalmology Journal published a study focused on OrCam MyEye which found the assistive technology device to significantly assist people who are legally blind in performing daily activities. Conducted by researchers at the University of California Davis Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Science, OrCam MyEye was found to dramatically improve the ability of study participants to successfully complete a range of tasks which they could not accomplish without the OrCam MeEye or only partially perform with other types of assistive technology. The OrCam MyEye utilizes a smart camera mounted on the wearer’s eyeglass frame, connected to a smart phone-sized computer, to instantly read text from newspapers, books, street signs, restaurant menus and supermarket products – as well as identify individual people. The JAMA OrCam study was widely covered by the global media: The ‘life-changing’ glasses helping blind people to ‘see’: OrCam headset recognises faces, objects and reads words aloud Artificial vision device may help nearly-blind people OrCam Glasses Could Help Blind People ‘Read Again’, Study Finds ‘This device offers hope to patients who are beyond medical or surgical therapy.’ The life changing glasses helping blind people  
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