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Charging the Device

You can charge with any standard USB charger (the device comes with a charger). You can also charge on-the-go with a power bank.

When device is ON (and not suspended or charging), battery level is indicated by the following patterns of the ELONGATED LED by the power button:

o   Single RED blink pattern:  0-25% charged
o   Double RED blink pattern:  25-50% charged
o   Triple RED blink pattern:  50-75% charged
o   Solid GREEN:  75-100% charged

When device is CHARGING, battery level is indicated by the following patterns of the ELONGATED LED by the power button:

o   Single RED blink pattern:  0-25% charged
o   Double GREEN blink pattern:  25-50% charged
o   Triple GREEN blink pattern:  50-75% charged
o   Solid GREEN:  75-100% charged

When the device is off and plugged in, there is  no reaction from device.

When the device is on and plugged in, the device will make the announcement: “Charger connected.  Battery is __% charged.”

After several minutes of no activity, device will go into suspend mode, even when charging.

LED activity:  When suspended, both LEDs are OFF. 

When not yet suspended, OrCam logo LED is blue.  ELONGATED LED by power button follows the same pattern as noted in “BATTERY LEVEL” section above. 

NOTE:  Even when suspended, the ELONGATED LED will come on (solid green) when battery charge level reaches 100%.

Turning On, Off, Reset, Suspend

Hold power button down for ~2 seconds.  Here is what to expect:

o   BUZZ does NOT occur, unlike original and 1.5 models.

o   TINY ROUND LED in shape of OrCam logo on TOP of device will initially be SOLID ORANGE, but will quickly change to SOLID BLUE.

o   ELONGATED LED on underside of device, next to power button will be SOLID GREEN. 

o   “BLOOPS” are heard

o   *DING* is heard


o   LEDs remain as described above (Elongated LED will present itself according to battery charge level (see “Battery Level” section above).

To ENTER suspension, press power button once.  Option to shut down will also be announced.  Both LEDs turn OFF in suspend mode.

To EXIT suspension, double tap the touch bar OR press the power button when device is in a horizontal position.  It will not wake up when the device is in a vertical position.  As with original device or 1.5 device, announcement “Waking up.  Battery is __% charged” will be heard.  Both LEDs come back ON.

Device automatically suspends after 3 minutes of inactivity.  Both LEDs turn OFF. 

Device automatically shuts down after 3 hours in suspension.

Power button is depressed for 20 SECONDS (unlike original and 1.5 models which are 10 seconds)

o   HARD START:  Normal boot-up protocol will occur.

o   HARD SHUTDOWN:  Device shuts down WITHOUT standard shutdown announcement.  No announcement is heard.  LEDs turn OFF after several seconds of depressing power button. 

Text Reading and Recognizing Faces

Activation is very simple: either by pointing at what you want to read or touching the touch bar. There is also automatic page detection for “handsfree” reading.

Enabled by default.

Works ONLY during active reading.

Fast Forward (to the next punctuation mark):  Swipe forward on the touch bar.

o   When NOT reading, this action will increase the volume.

Rewind (to the previous punctuation mark):  Swipe backward on the touch bar.

o   When NOT reading, this action will decrease the volume.

Pause:  Double tap on the touch bar.  Repeat this action to take it out of pause.

Stop reading:  Touch the touch bar or use the stop gesture (open hand, fingers spread).

Identifying Products, Banknotes, and Telling Time

This feature is enabled by default.  It can be enabled or disabled in the menu setting PRODUCTS, BARCODES, BANK NOTES, AND COLOR RECOGNITION.

o   Place the colored surface 12 inches (30 cm) in front of your face.

o   Point at the colored surface with the pointing gesture until you hear a double beep (“tiddit”).

o   IMPORTANT:  Hold your finger in place until the device announces the color.  If you remove your finger after the “tiddit” sound, then the device will think that you are trying to read text.  It will see nothing there, and will make the *DING* sound.

Device Functionality

Device meets IP22 STANDARD, even without a rubber flap.  

About 30-40 cms for reading a book or computer screen. Signs, such as street names can   be read from about 3 meters away (the larger the sign the further away you can be). Faces which have been learned by the device can be identified up to six meters away.

The device uses a camera, so like all cameras its requires good light conditions. It is best to avoid glare. You can read also in low light conditions thanks to its LED reading lights

Pointing can be used for reading a page or a specific paragraph or headline. The touch bar, can also be used to read a double page or a sign. Users usually use both options depending on their needs.

This option will be made possible when the BlueTooth connectivity software becomes available.

Yes, periodic software updates are available via WiFi connection and are free of charge during the warranty period.

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