Assistive Technology for Reading in the Classroom

For people with dyslexia, the OrCam MyEye or MyReader can help. This is assistive technology for reading in the classroom at its best.

The OrCam device is comprised of a smart camera connected to a tiny computer that attaches to a pair of glasses. The features of the OrCam include facial recognition, product recognition, and most important, text recognition. For people with difficulty reading, this is a life changer. “The device makes reading a technicality not a skill,” said Yonatan Wexler, OrCam’s executive vice president of research and development.

According to The Dyslexia Center of Utah, one in five students, or 15-20% of the population, has a language based learning disability. Dyslexia is the most common of the language-based learning disabilities. Nationwide, twenty percent of the elementary school population struggles with reading.

Being able to read is an essential tool for learning a large part of the subject matter taught in school. A child with dyslexia who finds reading difficult, can suffer from low self-confidence, frustration and trauma. Children with dyslexia may feel very different from their peers simply because they may be unable to follow simple instructions, which for others seem easy. The OrCam assisitive technology device can help children with dyslexia keep up with their peers by assisting then in reading their read their homework, textbooks, instructions etc.

The device is very simple to use. All the user has to do is point at the text he or she wants to read. The camera will take a picture of the text and then relay the message to the user via a mini earpiece. The user can also use the trigger button to activate the device. The OrCam is also small and discreet, which for children is very important. It will allow kids to blend in with their classmates and feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Assistive technology for reading in the classroom is important for kids with dyslexia. The OrCam can help kids with reading difficulties feel more confident and independent and succeed in school.