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​Remember, for device updates, connect it to both the charger and Wi-Fi.


The new software version V9.21 for the OrCam Read introduces new capabilities that enhance the user experience and provide fresh ways to activate and set the device. 
New Features

Stand mode

New vocal commands

New voices from “Nuance”

“Hey OrCam” is Enabled by default

Notification when changing the laser mode

Stand mode
The stand mode is recommended for use when the device is placed on the provided stand to allow users to read texts more efficiently.

Stand Mode is disabled by default. To change it, go to Settings > General Settings > Stand Mode Settings. There are three states:
Activated by a vocal command: “Hey OrCam, start Stand Mode.
Activated with auto-detection: when the device is facing down and is connected to the charger

Stand Mode behavior:
Hand gestures are enabled. Users can now point a finger at a page, and the device will start reading. To stop the reading, a user needs to show a full hand (like a stop sign).
When in ‘Stand Mode’, the device will not automatically “suspend” when not in use.
The user will have three options to use while the device is on the stand: Hand gestures, voice commands, and buttons.
Exit Stand Mode: “Hey OrCam, exit Stand Mode” or disconnect the charger (in case the stand mode is set to automatic detection)

New vocal commands 
‘Read everything’ and ‘Go to sleep.’
“Read everything”: this command makes the device take a picture, extract all visible text, and read it aloud.

“Go to sleep”: this command puts the device in suspend mode.

New voices
OrCam switched most of the voices to new ones from a provider called “Nuance”.

“Hey OrCam” enabled by default 
On new devices, the voice command “Hey OrCam” is enabled by default.
Users can go to settings and change the vocal command settings, but from now on, the default will be that it is enabled.

Notification for changing the laser mode 
When a user changes the laser mode, the device will notify the user of the new laser mode. The options are “Arrow laser mode” or “Rectangle laser mode”.
Additional Features
From now on, The OrCam Read will be provided with several additional features, enabled by default:
Barcode Reader

Money Note Identification

Notes: Existing Read devices that don’t have these two features enabled will continue as is. The upgrade will not enable these features. 

Comparison of OrCam Read and OrCam Read3 

OrCam Read

OrCam Read3

Look and Feel

Black Buttons

Yellow Buttons

Read Standard Features

Smart Reading

Stationary: Stand + Speaker

Next-Generation Magnifier

Barcodes and Money Notes

Handwriting Recognition*

Interactive AI Assistant

Summarization (Eng.)

* Using the Magnifier feature, which can recognize handwriting in nine different languages: English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.