OrCam MyEye

 Release Notes

Software ver. 9.21

OrCam MyEye

  1. Introduction

The new OrCam MyEye software version 9.21 introduces new capabilities that enhance the user experience and provide fresh ways to activate and use the device. 

Interactive AI Assistant package

Unleash the transformative power of OrCam MyEye's new Interactive AI Assistant package, a step forward in augmenting your experience and interaction with the device.

What’s in Front of Me?

This new feature adds the ability to understand what is in your surroundings, thanks to a translation of visual information to audio.

OrCam MyEye can now describe the scene in front of you in a highly accurate way. 

Using this feature, the user will get a short description of the image captured by the MyEye camera.
The flow is as follows:

  • Say, “Hey OrCam, what’s in front of me?”

  • The device snaps a picture

  • The device analyzes the captured image

  • The device will read aloud the image description

  • The device says, “For further questions, say question and ask your question; to exit, say exit”.

  • The User can ask follow-up questions 

What’s in Front of Me?

The feature is currently available in English and German and will later be supported in additional languages.


OrCam MyEye can summarize texts ranging from a few sentences to an entire page.

This feature will provide the user with a summary of the scanned text.
The flow to use this feature is as follows:

  • Say, “Hey OrCam, summarize.”

  • The user scans the text

  • Device summarizing

Note:  For summarization to work, the device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, connectivity features should be enabled in the settings, and the text should be in English.

Stationary Reader

The OrCam MyEye also serves as a ‘Stationary Reader’ using the specially designed stand and speaker that are provided in the kit. The additional peripherals are lightweight and collapsible for easy carriage and storage.

Use the OrCam Read 3 Stationary Reader to:

  1. Turn any printed text into speech

  2. Navigate with vocal commands, the device’s buttons, and hand gestures

  1. Other New Features

  1. Stand mode

  2. New vocal commands

  3. New voices from “Nuance”

  4. “Hey OrCam” is Enabled by default

  5. Disable shutter sound

  1. Stand mode

The stand mode is recommended for use when the device is placed on the provided stand to allow users to read texts more efficiently.

Stand Mode is disabled by default. To change it, go to Settings > General Settings > Stand Mode Settings. There are three states:


Activated by a vocal command: “Hey OrCam, start Stand Mode.

Activated with autodetection: when the device is facing down and is connected to the charger

Stand Mode behavior:

Hand gestures are enabled. Users can now point a finger at a page, and the device will start reading. To stop the reading, a user needs to show a full hand (like a stop sign).

When in ‘Stand Mode’, the device will not automatically “suspend” when not in use.

The user will have three options to use while the device is on the stand: Hand gestures, voice commands, and buttons.

Exit Stand Mode: “Hey OrCam, exit Stand Mode” or disconnect the charger (in case the stand mode is set to automatic detection)

  1. New vocal commands 

‘Read everything’ and ‘go to sleep’

  1. “Read everything”: this command makes the device take a picture, extract all visible text, and read it aloud

  2. “Go to sleep”: this command puts the device in suspend mode.

  1. New voices

OrCam switched most of the voices to new ones from a provider called “Nuance”.

  1. “Hey OrCam” enabled by default 

On new devices, the voice command “Hey OrCam” is enabled by default.
Users can go to settings and change the vocal command settings, but from now on, the default will be that it is enabled.

  1. Disable shutter sound

Users can now disable the camera shutter sound. This can be useful in case the users would like to have a more discrete way of operating the device, attract less attention to the device, or not make noise in quiet environments.

To disable the shutter sound, go to the settings menu > General Settings > Feedback Sound Menu > Camera Shutter Sound Menu > Swipe to Change > Swipe to Disable > Touch to confirm the operation