Remember, for device updates, connect it to both the charger and Wi-Fi.

Here are the changes and additional features included in V9.21:

We're thrilled to reveal an upcoming breakthrough for OrCam Learn devices: the "Summarization" feature. This innovation will revolutionize learning by condensing texts (40+ words) into concise summaries, saving time while boosting comprehension.

Students will benefit immensely, especially when combined with our existing dictionary and translation features.

How does it work?
It's simple! Just say, 'Hey OrCam, Summarize.' Then, scan a block of text, and the device instantly provides you with a summary.

New languages for the "Translation" feature
We have updated the list of languages that the translation feature now supports, including Persian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Japanese, and Welsh.

New Nuance voice for UK and US
UK: Malcolm, Serena, Stephanie
US: Tom, Susan, Evan, Nathan, and Zoe
You can try the voices here

For IT purposes : OrCam's URLs was combined into one
We understand the firewall issues schools deal with, and the hassle of getting IT to whitelist multiple URLs. So, we've simplified everything by combining all URLs into one.

So, instead of this list:

We will now have only this URL: