10 Most Creative Costume Ideas for World Book Day

2021-04-12 | By Orcam Staff

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10 Most Creative Costume Ideas for World Book Day - 2021 - OrCam

Choose your side, International Book Day or World Book Day?

You can call it either of them or none of them, it will not change the beauty of this special day. All bookworms grab their favorite best-seller books and celebrate the privilege of being able to read. World book day is starting.


World Book and Copyright Day have been established by UNESCO and are celebrated on the 23rd of April for over 25 years. Just like the other holidays, the date has great significance due to world-renowned writers William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Miguel de Cervantes, and David Halberstam passing away on this day. It is a great tribute to their works to celebrate international book day on this specific day. 


Celebrate World Book Day at home or join events

Each year, World Book Day has a different theme that keeps the celebrations fresh and exciting. Every year, students, teachers, parents, and adults of all ages dress according to the theme of the year and have a great time by sharing books, reading tips, fun facts about books, and more. Here you can find the best way to celebrate international book day:


Smell the new book: You can easily visit your local bookshop or library to find new books. You can walk around the shelves and choose your next must-have book. If you are using a Kindle or another electronic device, you can find it on Amazon.


Schedule your summer reading: Prepare the books you want to finish in the upcoming summer and follow your schedule. Do not forget to put different genres on your list to discover different worlds.


Sharing is caring: Take out old books from the dusty shelves and donate them to schools, libraries, or your friends.


Celebrate together: With a very simple search, you can find local events to celebrate all book lovers. Who knows, you might find your next favorite book or maybe your next partner.


Celebrate at home: Joining events and talking about books is very fun, however, during the current pandemic staying at home and celebrating with your family might be the best and most secure option. 


World Book Day 2021 Theme

This year’s International Book Day theme is “share a story”. Everyone has a person in their life who struggled with many difficulties and overcame many obstacles. This is the perfect time to visit them and learn more about their stories. You can prepare your own version of their biographies and share them with others.

Pick your costume for World Book Day

Pick out a favorite book and read it out loud together while you’re dressed-up as your favourite characters, so you can act out all the best parts! Still couldn’t decide this year’s costume for yourself or for your child, look at plenty of options.

1. Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland costume is perfect for World Book Day and the most famous costume for girls.


2. Karate Kid Costume

If you are looking for a fancy dress for boys, the Karate Kid costume takes the lead on this list.


3. Nurse Costume

Want to be a nurse for a day? Nurse costume for children.


4. Peppa Pig Costume

Have a swell time with this Peppa Pig Costume for kids.


5. Teacher Costume

When the student becomes a teacher. This costume makes it possible.


6. Where’s Waldo Costume

Based on the character from the famous Where’s Waldo series.


7. Harry Potter Costume

Expeliarmus! Become a wizard for a day with this magical Harry Potter costume. Based on the books of J.K. Rowling.


8. Spider-Man Costume

Based on the character of the famous Spiderman DC Comics. 


9. Frozen Costume

Elsa or Anna? Based on the Disney movie Frozen.


10. Pippi Longstocking Costume

Based on Astrid Lingrens children’s book. The perfect custom for strong girls.


Ready to enjoy? Not everyone is as lucky as you

You have planned your schedule for World Book Day and are dressed as your favorite character. While celebrating the ability to read and enjoy your favorite books, it is important to be aware this is an amazing blessing given to us. Just in the United States alone, more than 40 million people – children, adults, young and old – have reading difficulties and 12 million people have a vision impairment. If you have a reading difficulty or know someone who is struggling to read, OrCam Read is the life-changing reading device for all.