What’s The Difference? An Inside Look Into The OrCam Reader

2015-12-17 | By Orcam Staff

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What’s The Difference? An Inside Look Into The OrCam Reader


Sure, the OrCam Reader has bright new yellow buttons, but besides that, did you ever wonder what the real difference between the OrCam Reader and the original (full version) OrCam device is?


Well to get an inside look, we interviewed OrCam Software Engineer Chana Turner. Busy running tests on an OrCam device when we found her, this young mother of three had a lot to say about the OrCam Reader. Chana is part of the development team at OrCam and works mainly with “text to speech” programming. This means she takes a “text to speech” software program and writes the coding that integrates it into the OrCam device and plays the audio to the user.


Chana takes part in the preparation of all new versions and releases of the OrCam device software. Who better to ask about the latest and newest version, the OrCam Reader, than her?


“When the idea for the OrCam Reader came about, I thought it was a very logical idea. The main essence of the OrCam is its ability to read texts. To create a version that takes the intuitive interface of the OrCam device and focuses it solely on reading is a great idea” says Chana.


After much testing and perfecting of the software, the OrCam Reader was ready to go. People coping with vision loss who need a device that focuses completely on helping them read texts can benefit from the OrCam Reader. “That’s why we made it” says Chana “to help them read and regain their independence.”


The OrCam Reader is available, in the US and Canada, on a special offer of $2,400 until December 31st. Visit our website to learn how you can get your OrCam Reader today!