8 Ways to Be A Better Student With ADHD. Overcoming a Learning Challenge

2022-05-11 | By Orcam Staff

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8 Ways to Be A Better Student With ADHD. Overcoming a Learning Challenge - OrCam Learn

Every school year is a celebration for some people. It’s a new and exciting time for students and even their parents! New classes, new studies, new friends, and new possibilities. However, for some, a new school year can bring feelings of stress and desperation. If you or your child feel the same way, read on and find out a list of tips to help you out. 

ADHD meaning and Why it’s hard on students 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disorders affecting children and many adults. It is identified in schools mostly, where it is considered to be a learning challenge. Its symptoms include inattentiveness and inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, therefore, can be very problematic for students. When a student is not able to focus and moves around impulsively a lot, he interferes with the class course, disrupting the teachers and causing the rest of the students to lose focus making it difficult or even impossible to continue.

ADHD symptoms are various and change from one child to another. Children suffering from the learning challenge of ADHD might daydream a lot, talk too much, forget or lose things, make careless mistakes, or take unnecessary risks. They also have trouble taking turns, resisting temptation, and getting along with others. 

Not every child who has trouble focusing and behaving at one time or another suffers from ADHD. Yet those who have been diagnosed with an ADHD test, don’t grow out of these behaviors. These symptoms can also cause difficulty at home or with friends. 

ADHD Treatments and A Better Way to Study

A child carrying the “problematic child” mark can lead to devastating results in school and later on in their life. You can’t cure ADHD, but it can be treated with behavior therapy and sometimes, when necessary, ADHD medication is given only by an expert.  

Besides treatment, there are tips and strategies that help students with ADHD to step up their game and overcome ADHD without having to exhaust themselves completely:

  1. Manage a healthy lifestyle – Healthy eating habits, physical activity, limited screen time, and enough sleep.
  2. Plan your time in advance – Priorities, plan and schedule enough time to study and take breaks. This way you won’t miss or forget when it is time to study and when you can chill and relax. 
  3. Focus on what interests you – You don’t have to excel in all your studies. Instead, pick out 2-3 topics you like and focus on them. 
  4. Use little rewards for motivation – For example, after you finish 2 hours of reading, you can have a treat like going out with friends. 
  5. Join a study group – Studying with other people can be helpful to stay focused. You can test and motivate each other. 
  6. Drink a bit of juice – Sugary drinks provide glucose which will help you study. Don’t go for sodas that contain too much glucose, which results in a sugar crash afterward. 
  7. Use assistive technology – Smart learning devices, reading tools, or apps that can help you study better, not harder. 
  8. Ask for help – Don’t keep your teachers, peers, and your friends in the dark. Meet the guidance counselor and ask if there is an ADHD coach. 

Assistive Technology Can Change Lives

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