The Perfect Reading Pen for the Traveling Executive

2020-03-22 | By Orcam Staff

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The Perfect Reading Pen for the Traveling Executive - OrCam

Most people think that a reading pen is useful only for people who have reading difficulties. However, there are many other types of people who can benefit from using them. Executives and employees who read constantly will benefit from using them in order to avoid hurting their eyes. People who travel often, or constantly work with the need for a hands-free device will find them useful too.

The Traveling Executive

An executive sitting at a desk with his laptop open and his smartphone in his hand

Many business and government executives are required to travel often. Meaning, they spend lots of hours on the road and away from a desk. When they are on the road, they try to get as much done as possible, in a short amount of time. They are often rushing from one meeting to another and even mealtimes are spent meeting business contacts. While traveling, driving or riding in taxis, subways or trams, time is often spent preparing for the next meeting or reviewing previous meetings summaries.


The most common way of preparing for meetings is by reviewing written information that is related to the next meeting. This is why a reading pen is the perfect solution for executives during travel. When rushing from one meeting to another, multitasking is usually not an option. Most people get dizzy or have difficulties reading while traveling in vehicles or subways. Sometimes people walk from one meeting to another, making it almost impossible to read anything on the way to the next meeting. This is where the OCR technology comes in.

Audible Information

A woman holding an OrCam Read in her hand while pointing it at a book.

Video and text is the most common and traditional method of learning and receiving new information. Due to executives spending so much time traveling in a vehicle or walking, audio information has become extremely popular. Today, TED talks, podcasts, and audiobooks are becoming a more popular source of information for many people. These podcasts and audiobooks are used for both work-related topics and for entertainment purposes. Many new books that come out these days are published with an audio version too.


The audio version is not only for people who have trouble reading. It is also for people who want to hear the content as they go about their day. Newspapers and business documents that are published on a daily basis are not always available in an audio version. Therefore, many business executives use a reading pen in order to have the content read to them out loud while they travel. This is done with Optical Character Recognition technology. In this case, the technology translates into audio the text it recognizes through the lens of the device. In other cases, the technology records data for data mining, translations and so forth.

The Perfect Reading Pen for Executives

Executives who travel often, spend a lot of time on airplanes, trains, and cars. In addition, they also spend a lot of time in business lounges and boarding gates at airports. When people travel often, they experience higher levels of fatigue and exhaustion. This often makes it more difficult to read from papers, and from digital or printed surfaces such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, they still want to use this time in order to cover work-related tasks and to go over work-related information. On the other hand, sometimes they just want to read the paper, a magazine or a book for entertainment.

A woman using OrCam Read as a reading pen to read text from a paper on her desk

Most reading pen devices require scrolling across the page, line by line in order to have the text audibly conveyed to them. OrCam Read, is a whole new user experience. All you need to do is hold the device in front of the page. The laser capture will be visible in red borders for the user to focus on the text they want to have read out loud to them. Full page capture is a fantastic option. The device will instantly read the text out loud for them. After that, the user does not need to hold the device in front of the page while the text is conveyed to them in audio.