The OrCam Read Redefines Reading Assistance Devices

2020-03-22 | By Orcam Staff

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The OrCam Read Redefines Reading Assistance Devices - OrCam

For decades, reading assistance devices have been helping people who have various types of reading difficulties to improve their independent reading capabilities. In the past twenty years, technology innovation has accelerated beyond anything humanity has ever experienced. Reading devices, on the other hand, have been left behind. Until now.

The Advancement of Consumer Electronics Devices

Photo Of People Using Laptops and smartphones

In a free market, corporations will invest their financial resources into research and development of the most profitable products they can sell to consumers. Products that are available to as many consumers in the market and at a high price. The most common portable devices today are smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. There are very few reading assistance devices manufacturers and sellers due to it being a relatively new market. This is why they are left behind in the technology race for new features and advanced technological capabilities.

The Current State of the Reading Assistance Devices Market

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Until recently, reading assistance devices were slow and lacking advanced technology. In order to read text independently, users would be required to scroll their devices on a page word by word, line by line. Their devices would then read the text out loud for them. Reading a whole page this way, connecting words to sentences and sentences to the context is a tedious and slow task, especially for students who need to keep up with the class. In addition, this draws attention to the user’s reading difficulties, something most people prefer to avoid. With a new reading assistance device on the market, life for people with reading difficulties is about to change forever.

Introducing the OrCam Read

OrCam Read is redefining the technology and benefits of reading assistance devices. Here is a list of what it can do.

  • Full Page/Paragraph Reading – Users can instantly read an entire page or paragraph with only one click. By simply holding OrCam Read above a printed page or digital screen, then pressing the reading button for less than a second while it takes a snapshot of the text. The device will instantly read the text out loud.
  • Laser Guidance – Red lasers will highlight the area on the page or on the screen that you point the device at.
  • Works Everywhere – No internet connection is required. You can use it on a plane, train, submarine, and even a space ship.
  • No Installation Required – You simply unbox your brand new OrCam Read, turn it on, and start using it. No installation or activation is required.
  • Portable – It is lightweight and small. It can easily fit into your pocket or a handbag. You can carry the device anywhere, it does not require connection to a cable or to a computer for usability.
  • Easy-to-Use – You just point and click, that’s it.
  • Speed Read – You can set your own reading speed, making reading comfortable and suitable, according to your preferences.
  • Bluetooth Connection – Bluetooth connection is available for Bluetooth earbuds or speakers. You can event connect wired earbuds.

Life with Reading Difficulties

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Research suggests that at least 14 million people in the US have dyslexia, which is a little more than four percent of the population. However, just because people have a reading difficulty, does not mean that they can’t read at all.  Some people with mild to low-level reading difficulties still read independently on a daily basis, even if it is slow reading, and words that are easier to read. Most people who have reading difficulties do not use reading assistance devices. The reasons for them not using reading devices vary from one person to another. One of the main reasons is that they don’t need to read a lot throughout their day. The second is because the available devices are not advanced enough, or provide reading assistance to users.


Many people with reading difficulties have gotten used to the fact that reading is unavailable to them. Therefore, they have developed a lifestyle without reading books, newspapers or magazines. Unfortunately, this can be a barrier to pursuing many career paths and job opportunities. Almost every college degree requires reading textbooks or reviewing online information, which can be difficult or even unachievable for people who struggle with reading. This leaves people with reading difficulties with fewer employment options throughout their careers. This is one thing that OrCam Read can potentially change for people with reading difficulties around the world.

More Use Cases for Reading

An aisle of food products ina grocery store

Shopping, eating out and receiving services at offices present challenges for people with reading difficulties. Considering the fact that most of the information is displayed via text. Using the OrCam Read, users can now instantly read from any menu in a restaurant or a cafe. Even shopping will no longer be the same. By simply pointing the device and targeting any text with the laser guidance, users can read text from any product package. Running errands or visiting all kinds of service centers will now be easier. Any printed forms or signs can now be read instantly and independently using the OrCam Read.


As you can see, the features in OrCam Read are beyond anything available in the reading assistance devices market. Now people with reading difficulties of all ages and stages in life will be able to read text independently, wherever they are. Thanks to technology innovation and the development of advanced artificial intelligence, people with reading difficulties will now have more opportunities available to them in education, careers, and lifestyle.