OrCam's New Wearable Personal Assistant Revolutionizes Wellness

2016-01-07 | By Orcam Staff

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OrCam's New Artificial Intelligence Based Wearable Device - OrCam
Dr Yoni wearing the MyMe on blue polo shirt

JERUSALEM: OrCam is announcing its new concept, an artificial intelligence (AI) based wearable device at CES 2016.


OrCam-MyMe creates a new segment of wearables where visual and audio signals are continuously processed to create an “augmented attention” experience and allow for context-based applications.


The device, which is simply clipped onto your shirt, receives video and audio input which it decodes and categorizes in real time, within the device itself. With its unique and proprietary technology it has the ability to perform complex AI tasks on a very small and power-efficient wearable platform, lasting all day on a single charge.

Using cutting-edge AI, the device is aware of everything we do throughout the day: the people we meet; what we talk about; our visual surroundings; what we eat; the activities we engage in and so much more. The visual and audio processing functions serve as an extension to the wearers’ awareness and can be used for both for real-time and hindsight applications.


“The application of OrCam-MyMe extends far beyond traditional activity trackers,” says Professor Shashua, co-founder of OrCam. “For example, it can provide a real-time profile of people as they walk up to you during a conference, displaying their details on your smartphone or watch; it can track your eating habits – what you eat and how it fits in with your diet; it can summarize for you your daily activity and let you know what proportion of your time you spent in meetings, at the gym, playing with your children or reading a newspaper; it can even monitor the facial expressions of people you meet and topics of discussion and let you know in hindsight the quality of interaction you have with friends and family. The privacy of people around you is left undisturbed as the device does not save any image and does not record any sound.”


OrCam-MyMe has been built as an open platform and the diversity of potential applications is endless. The supplied software development kit (SDK) will allow developers to leverage the AI capabilities of the device and write their own applications. The device will be made available together with the first built-in Wellness Tracker application.


OrCam-MyMe will be rolled out throughout 2016, first to developers and in the second half of the year to consumers.


The OrCam team will be exhibiting at CES 2016, booth 74056. Professor Shashua will also be hosting a press conference at 5:30pm on Thursday, January 7 in the Venetian Ballroom, Bellini 2004.