OrCam Read is Chosen by TIME as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021

2021-11-25 | By Orcam Staff

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OrCam Read is Chosen by TIME as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021

It is great to see OrCam products getting the recognition they deserve. TIME Magazine has named one of our latest innovations, OrCam Read as one of the 100 best inventions of 2021 in the accessibility category. This is not the first time that an OrCam innovation has been honored on this list either, with another life-changing tool, OrCam MyEye 2 being recognized previously.

OrCam Read is the most advanced reading assistive device for people with reading difficulties. It is a handheld, artificial vision device that quickly and accurately reads text for the user. The product was developed to help people with low vision or reading difficulties read any text – from newspapers and books to medicine labels and screens– regardless of where they are.

What are the best 100 Inventions of TIME Magazine?

The 100 Inventions of the Year have been a regular feature in TIME Magazine for many years. They have surveyed scientists, engineers, and other experts to rate their favorite discoveries that were published during that year. The list covers a host of topics from art to space exploration and medicine.  This list of the best 100 Inventions is a selection from those lists. The rankings were crafted by experts and covered a lot of ground. It’s interesting how some items remain popular for years while others fade into obscurity.

OrCam Read Listed in the Accessibility Category of 100 Inventions of 2021

Many individuals with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, have already benefited from OrCam Read. The main problem with language learning is that many people struggle with reading difficulties. These concerns are especially prevalent among youngsters in primary school and are sometimes quite serious. When a youngster believes that he is not as good as other children at reading or writing, he may become depressed. OrCam Read transforms the way people read, especially children and college students, to make the world more accessible for everyone.

In order to increase the awareness of accessibility, TIME Magazine has added this category in recent years. They are choosing the greatest inventions, which improve the lives of people with impairments such as hearing difficulties, reading difficulties, or mobility challenges. It is a nice way to show that not everyone has equal opportunities and every individual should have a chance to make a change.

OrCam Read’s Life-Changing Features for Reading Challenges

Assistive reading devices are getting more prevalent for people with dyslexia or people who have reading difficulties. With OrCam Read, you can scan a full page of a book, and it reads everything for you. This portable reading device will increase your quality of life. OrCam Read does not require any internet connection, and you can use it anywhere, anytime. 

Smart Reading is artificial-intelligence-based technology that differentiates OrCam Read from the other basic reading tools which are not nearly as user-friendly. Additionally, the Smart Reading feature allows you to utilize your reading device fully with voice commands. The voice commands allow you to rewind, skip ahead, and alter the reading pace easily.

Award Winner OrCam Read Keep Getting More Awards

OrCam Read has already won a number of different rewards from various competitions. There are several accolades for OrCam Read that you may learn more about. As long as OrCam continues to develop and improve its products and devices for end-users, it will receive more accolades.

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