New AI solution empowers students with learning challenges to read and learn confidently

2022-10-30 | By Orcam Staff

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New Ai Solution Empowers Students With Learning Challenges to Read

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Read the latest article by fe news about the OrCam Learn:

OrCam Learn empowers students with learning challenges, including dyslexia, to effectively read and learn, resulting in enhanced comprehension, reading fluency, and improvement of overall confidence in an education setting.


The learning companion will listen to and provide feedback on the student’s reading and test reading comprehension.


“The OrCam Learn solution has been designed to help teachers to support their students as they read and study. Integrated into day-to-day school life, it empowers students with learning challenges to develop and maintain reading and learning skills, gain confidence, and thrive – both inside and outside of the classroom. We are driven to level the educational playing field for a wide spectrum of students who can benefit from OrCam Learn.”


Moon Hall School in Reigate, Surrey, is one of 50 schools in the UK currently collaborating with OrCam Technologies in offering the OrCam Learn for use to their students with learning challenges.


“The OrCam Learn solution enables our students to be as independent as possible with their learning experience, and as headteacher I absolutely recommend it,” commented Michelle Catterson, Executive Headteacher at Moon Hall School and Chair of the British Dyslexia Association.


Michelle wrote an article for AT Today about how assistive technology from OrCam Technologies can significantly enhance the learning experience for students with dyslexia by giving them greater confidence and allowing them to fully participate in the classroom.

OrCam Learn image

In addition, OrCam Learn’s handy “Reading Pal” feature harnesses interactive AI to support students in improving reading fluency by allowing them to read any text to the OrCam Learn, and then receiving immediate, conversational, and encouraging feedback about their reading.


The assistive solution listens to the student’s reading, provides positive feedback to elevate confidence and positive feelings about reading, and then generates reports through a web and mobile app that provides teachers and support staff with a comprehensive analysis of the student’s progress.


Every OrCam Learn reading session generates an automatic analytics report identifying areas of challenge.


Listening to the student’s reading, it captures a variety of metrics that help evaluate their performance, including those that are commonly used by reading specialists:

  • Text difficulty level
  • Fluency (measured by Words Correct Per Minute)
  • Accuracy (percentage of accurately read words)
  • Reading rate (Words Per Minute)
  • Total reading time

OrCam Learn also has an ‘Exam Mode’ that teachers can select by scanning a QR code before the student enters an examination. This offline setting ensures there is no possibility of any WiFi or cloud connectivity and that the solution complies with general school exam requirements. It also guarantees that students can complete examinations without the need for a human reader.


Learn all you need to know about our OrCam Learn.