Mother Shares Son’s Experience with SOD Eye Disease and His Journey to Independence

2022-02-02 | By Orcam Staff

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Mother Shares Son’s Experience with SOD Eye Disease

When Ashton was two months old, his mother, Hilda, noticed something odd in his eyes and took him to the doctor. Following an MRI, the diagnosis was difficult for a mother to comprehend: Septo Optic Dysplasia Eye Disease. His optic nerves were underdeveloped as a result of this illness, causing blindness.

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Discovering an Eye Disease & Accepting the Inevitable

When Hilda was playing with Ashton, she noticed something strange. Ashton wasn’t tracking the toys with his eyes; instead, they were bouncing up and down in an unusual manner. Hilda explains the moment when she learned about Ashton’s condition as “My entire world fell apart when we found out he was blind. All the hopes and dreams I had for my son were shattered because I knew nothing about how his future would look now.” 

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Hilda’s maternal instincts took over and she began researching his Septo Optic Dysplasia diagnosis on the internet, contacting several doctors and enrolling in special programs. She even began studying braille at her local school to prepare for a wonderful start with her Ashton. Hilda was extremely driven to be the best mother for Ashton and learned more about how to create the ideal home setting for a blind child while also ensuring that he received all of the support he required.

OrCam MyEye Helps with Daily Challenges

When Hilda would take Ashton outside, she was very concerned that he would get lost and not be able to find his way home. This fear plagued Hilda, especially when they went somewhere new. It was also difficult for Ashton to read printed texts, unlike other children his age. Ashton now spends hours reading books using the OrCam MyEye, one of the finest pieces of assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired. When Ashton grows up, he wants to be a marine biologist and study sharks and ocean creatures.


Hilda also confides that Ashton has a piggy bank, and with OrCam MyEye’s money recognition function, he can identify money on his own.

Gaining Independence with the OrCam MyEye

Hilda explains how her son, Ashton, benefited from the OrCam MyEye. Even in a crowd, Ashton can identify his family thanks to the OrCam MyEye’s facial recognition. Ashton has become more independent and enjoys living his life like other kids his age as a result of OrCam MyEye.

OrCam MyEye is Amazing and I’m So Happy 

Ashton expresses his excitement about OrCam MyEye as: “I love being able to read to my little sister with it and my mom too. I also love being able to read my shark books in print by myself now. I think this device is amazing and I’m so happy someone invented something like this to help me do the same things other kids that are sighted can do on their own.” 


Ashton is an amazing big brother and enjoys fulfilling his dream of reading his little sister a nice bedtime story.