Love is Blind: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating with Her Loved One

2022-02-13 | By Orcam Staff

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Love is Blind: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating with Her Loved One

Grace Marsh is a famous social media creator. Despite being blind and having challenges with her health, her TikTok videos have reached 4.9 million likes. Grace shares her daily struggles and achievements, feeling very lucky to be able to educate many people on ableism and life as a disabled individual. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The Struggle of Losing Her Sight. 

Grace grew up in North England, having only one sibling and being visually impaired from birth. She was diagnosed at eighteen months of age after her mum noticed her eyes weren’t working properly. At the age of fourteen, her sight deteriorated. Struggling, Grace felt very apart from everyone else, like an outcast. These feelings, among others, caused her mental health to spiral and she suffered from severe depression as a result.

Love Is In the Air

Thanks to her family and friends, Grace’s journey to independence and self-love was possible. She expresses her gratitude by saying: 

“Surround yourself with uplifting and supportive people. Build a network of loved ones and remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. Blind or sighted, sitting or standing, you can achieve your dreams.”

Grace and her girlfriend both study at university together. For Valentine’s Day, they are planning to go out for cocktails and exchange gifts. ” I already know what her present will be!” Grace says happily. 

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