Hugs & Wishes: What It’s All About!

2021-11-30 | By Orcam Staff

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Hugs & Wishes: What It's All About! - OrCam

2021 was a difficult year for all of us. We’ve had to deal with a lot of problems in the world, including an epidemic, high inflation, and isolation from our friends and family. Even witnessing our loved ones pass away. Now, it’s time for us to bring some holiday cheer into our lives. We want this coming year to be filled with more happiness, success, health, and the fulfillment of our dreams and ambitions. That is why OrCam has launched a new campaign called Hugs and Wishes to send more blessings to our loved ones.

Spread Blessings to Your Friends and Family

Hugs and Wishes is a campaign for the upcoming holiday season where people will send some virtual “hugs” to their loved ones, in addition to sending them wishes for next year. You can tell people what kind of gift would make you happy for this holiday season and what would be your wishes for others. It’s an opportunity to show who you care about and what do you wish for them. The hope is that this small gesture of love will make someone feel better about themselves and spread more feelings of love in the process!


By participating in this viral campaign, you can show how much you care for your friends and inspire them to do wonderful things at the end of the year. Additionally, you may be a trailblazer for a charity to assist people during the holiday season.

How to Participate in the Hugs & Wishes Campaign

Don’t you miss the old holiday seasons when you could just feel more holiday spirit with your family and friends? This is an opportunity to bring back the “olden days” and modernize it with fresh eyes.

Ready to participate? Here are the rules:

Step 1: Use the sound, then record yourself playing it back while responding to the following two questions:

  • What gift do you wish for the holidays?
  • Who would you like to send holiday wishes to, and why?

Step 2: Tag 3 friends or family members you would like to send the hugs to and spread the holiday spirit.

Step 3: Use this hashtag on your post: #hugzNwishez

Important Note: If you break this wish chain, consider giving a modest sum of money (such as $10) to an organization that may be able to help other people celebrate this holiday season.


That’s all! You are all set for spreading your best wishes and love.

OrCam wishes you all your dreams come true and your loved ones!

Everyone Deserves to be Cheerful During the Holidays

In Hugs & Wishes campaign you can share your dream gift and wishes for others. You might want a new game console, a new television, or a new wearable device. Now is the time to share. And also, send the best holiday wishes and virtual hugs to your parents, grandparents, friends, and other loved ones. You can wish for a new job, a new beginning, healthy life, or achieve dreams in the next year. Tell us your reason and the most creative wishes with the reason.

We hope you enjoy Hugs & Wishes and spread some holiday spirit with your friends and family! Additionally, we will post the best videos on our website and social media accounts! Join now this viral campaign!


OrCam would like to wish you an amazing year full of health, success, love, and your hugged ones! ?