How To Get Our Children To Like Reading Books? Raising Readers

2022-09-04 | By Orcam Staff

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How To Get Our Children To Like Reading Books? Raising Readers - OrCam Learn

We all know the benefits of reading and can appreciate the value it brings to our lives. However, children today read less frequently and it’s been found that fewer of them enjoy reading. 


Parents take on the role of their children’s first teacher and can strongly influence their future habits. Children who spend time reading books grow up to have a bigger vocabulary, bigger writing skills independent thinking, and more.


Here’s an easy and practical roadmap to raising kids who read more. 

If You Want To Raise A Reader, Be A Reader

This is the time to dust off your bookcases and take a look at the treasures gracing those shelves. If you want your children to read then you should lead by example! Sign up to your local library, fill your living room with books and go to bed with a book. 

Read Out Loud 

Besides being very enjoyable and a wonderful way to bond with your children, “reading time” is crucial if you want your kids to start reading books themselves. After dinner or at bedtime, reading together will increase the chances your kids fall in love with reading. 

Dad reading to his 2 kids

Let Them Pick Up Their Books

Kids enjoy the books they choose for themselves. Ask them about their interests and guide them toward books on the same topics. There are literally books on every topic. Plus searching for them can be fun as well. 

Go To The Library

Libraries are not just for borrowing books and playdates don’t only have to be at the park. Libraries today have many activities and are a very good source of entertainment. This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to navigate the shelves by sending them on a scavenger hunt.

Boy in the library

Have A Variety Of Books On Hand

We all know that what’s out of sight is out of mind, therefore, always have books around. There are millions of children’s books out there, in all shapes and sizes, and will go very nicely on your kid’s new adorable bookshelf, which is by the way, a great addition to every nursery. 


Some children love to read comics because of the art. Each comic is unique, and the possibilities are endless: from superheroes or villains! Take your kids to the comics store and introduce them to this wonderful world. Maybe even get them to try reading manga!

Find Things To Read Everywhere

Brochures, pamphlets, signs, and Programs, let your kids have it all. Sit down at the entrance to museums, exhibitions, plays, and even the zoo and explore what’s inside. Maybe you’ll both learn something new!


Having something to read works best especially when you are stuck on the train, in traffic, or just want to take a break from the screen. Poll out something fun and interesting, and enjoy!

Woman reading a map

Exchange Stories

Tell your children stories and details from the books you read or read in the past, and let them tell you. Kids love to share and will feel important when you listen. This will improve their confidence and motivate them to read more.

A Place To Read 

Yes, the couch or the bed work too, yet a stylish nook, corner, or window seat designed especially for that will make you want to cuddle there with a book all day (and night) long! 

Read into this. 

Despite all your efforts, your child might not want to read and refuse to cooperate. This is when you need to dig a little deeper and get to the bottom of the issue. 


Some children struggle with reading due to learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or ADHD. When a child struggles to no end and with something enjoyable to his parents, with no explanation or solution, he will try to avoid the matter or even act out against it. 


Thankfully in our age, technological solutions enable everyone to enjoy a good book by using a text reader, like our OrCam Learn. This smart educational device can help you or your child with comprehension or the learning process as well, for any text, printed or digital. 


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