How Can Assistive Technology Help Learning Challenges?

2022-05-02 | By Orcam Staff

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How Can Assistive Technology Help Learning Challenges? - OrCam Learn

Technology is taking over the world, assisting us and finding solutions to many of mankind’s hardships. However, we have yet to embrace its full powers in the classroom, and we are missing out. 


In the classroom, not all students are the same. Many need alternative learning methods like the advanced OrCam Learn device to study since their brains function differently. A students with learning challenges might need a different approach that assistive technology can bring to the table. 

How To Tell If Your Child Has a Learning Disability?

Learning challenges (previously known as learning disabilities) can include difficulties with learning, reading, writing, and comprehension, which affect many students’ performance at school. The most common learning challenges are Dyslexia and ADHD. Learning challenges cannot be cured or fixed but rather are lifelong challenges. However, with a fitting learning system and support, people with learning challenges can achieve success in school and work. 


Children who are diagnosed with a learning disability often show early signs of speech and language difficulties. Most children are diagnosed during school although in some cases, students get diagnosed only later in life due to the fact that not all children receive an evaluation in school. 


This is why teachers and parents must share notes on the development of a child because the teacher will often be the one to notice the first symptoms of a specific learning challenge. The parents may notice different symptoms and these conversations can lead to an evaluation that may help the child overcome his challenges. Creating an alternative learning system for a child will lead to a better learning experience, better grades, and positive feelings of confidence and success.

Learning Challenges Symptoms and Tests

A child with a learning disability often has several related signs, and they don’t go away or get better over time. The signs vary from one person to another. 


Not all children that have trouble reading, writing, or performing other learning-related tasks, necessarily suffer from learning challenges. Furthermore, despite many related signs, only a professional can diagnose a learning challenge, a parent or teacher’s observation is not enough to determine that. 


Common signs that suggest a student has learning disabilities include:


Problems reading, writing, and spelling or problems with math. Poor memory, difficulty paying attention, and trouble following directions or instructions. Clumsiness, Problems staying organized, and having a hard time being able to tell time. 


Common tests to evaluate learning, intelligence, achievements, and language are done by experts and can be available through schools if you or your child’s teacher feels this is why they are falling behind. Based on the results and conclusion, teachers can offer appropriate support, tutoring, and other assistive technology tools like the OrCam Learn assistive device to help your child improve and catch up. 

Let Assistive Technology Come To The Rescue 

You might think that technology will take over and as a result, children will not need to do any kind of thinking or studying. However, today we are rich in education tools, platforms, and assistive technology that offer support and alternative learning methods for those who need it. Reading devices for dyslexia such as a dyslexic reader or a pen and assistive technology for struggling readers and reading comprehension tools will only enable students and enrich their learning experience. 

Private Tutor With a Push of a Button 

OrCam Learn is a smart AI learning device that is designed to help students of all ages with learning challenges such as dyslexia and ADHD. The OrCam Learn can capture full pages of texts and read them out loud, help students with their reading by listening to them, and can even test them on the subject by asking questions on the subjects it reads. 


Handheld, cool, and easy to use, the OrCam Learn is the best study buddy your child needs with a companion app that tracks his progress. 


Learn how the OrCam Learn assists with learning challenges.