Hearing Amplification Devices Market is Disrupted by OrCam

2020-03-23 | By Orcam Staff

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Hearing Amplification Devices Market is Disrupted by OrCam - OrCam

For most people, the use of devices and tools that amplify sound is something that they use at parties and events. But for people who are hard of hearing, hearing amplification devices are what enable them to live a more independent life.

The Challenges of Life with a Hearing Impairment

There are a variety of challenges that people who have a hearing impairment face on a daily basis. One of the main ones is the difficulty in communication with others who are not hard of hearing. We live in a world where verbal communication through sound and through speech is a large part of our daily lives. Anyone who can’t communicate verbally needs to find another way to communicate with other people. This leaves people with a number of available options, such as sign language, written text communication, and even special apps that translate what people say into text, and text people write into audio.


In addition, any environment where messages or notifications are made using sound will leave people with hearing impairments behind. Therefore, traveling, shopping, and attending events can be challenging for people who are hard of hearing.

Enhancing Communication for the Hearing Impaired:

In 2024, the landscape of assistive hearing technology has been revolutionized by innovations like the OrCam Hear. Designed for individuals with hearing impairments, OrCam Hear transcends traditional boundaries in hearing amplification devices. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI, this device isolates and amplifies human speech, effectively diminishing background noise in various environments.

Daily Challenges and Technological Solutions

Daily communication poses significant challenges for those with hearing difficulties. From attending social events to navigating public announcements, the need for effective hearing support is crucial. Here, OrCam Hear emerges as a game-changer. Its smart camera technology, integrated with advanced algorithms, focuses on the speaker's lip movements, ensuring clarity in conversation regardless of surrounding noise.

OrCam Hear – The Most Advanced Hearing Device for People Who are Hard of Hearing

OrCam Hear, cocktail party effect

The OrCam Hear is solving a specific problem that most hearing amplification devices simply can’t. Since the OrCam Hear uses the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence software, it is able to provide a unique solution to an old problem. When people who are hard of hearing go to small or large events of all kinds, they have difficulty participating in conversations since their hearing devices can’t cancel out the noise in the background. Sometimes, even people who are not hard of hearing experience this phenomenon, otherwise known as the cocktail party effect.

The OrCam Hear is a tiny, wearable, lightweight, portable device that uses a miniature smart camera to analyze live data of the user’s surroundings. The camera monitors the lip and chin movements of the people who are facing the user, as well as the user’s chin movements during the conversation. This real-time analysis by advanced algorithms cancels out sounds that are not coming from the people who are engaging with the user in a conversation.


Besides using the OrCam Hear for parties, conventions, and so forth, the same solution can be of use in other day to day activities. Interacting with employees in any store, bank tellers, and even waiters in a restaurant can be done conveniently using the OrCam Hear. Users can find this solution to be of use in any situation, either at home, or out of the house. The OrCam Hear is the perfect solution for any situation where you need to hear only the people you are speaking to, and cancel out the background noise.

Beyond Traditional Hearing Aids

While hearing aids serve as critical medical devices tailored to individual hearing profiles, OrCam Hear represents the next generation of assistive hearing technology. Unlike traditional aids, it does not require specialized calibration by audiologists. This ease of use, combined with its advanced features, positions it uniquely in the market.

OrCam Hear: A Versatile Companion

OrCam Hear's versatility extends to various scenarios - from engaging with service staff in public places to having clear conversations at crowded events. Its portability and user-friendly design make it an indispensable companion for those looking to improve their hearing experience, thus enhancing their independence and quality of life.