Financing The Cost Of Your OrCam Device

2020-05-07 | By Orcam Staff

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Financing The Cost Of Your OrCam Device - OrCam


You’re on your way to joining tens of thousands of satisfied OrCam users who regained independence from their blindness or visual impairment.

Why OrCam? The answer is simple. With OrCam devices, you can read books, bills, recipes, ingredients, nutrition facts, homework assignments, and so much more, on your own without relying on the help of others.


For those of you who prefer to pay with installments, we’ve outlined our payment plans (available in the United States) below so you can determine the best way for you to finance your new OrCam device. All devices come with a 30-day money back guarantee, warranty, and free online tutorials.


Spread the cost of your OrCam device over 12, 18, or 24 months. Simply select Sunbit at checkout during Step 5. The payment plan offered, which has a 90% approval rate, requires an initial down payment, as low as $100, and monthly payments thereafter*.

*The payment plan offered is based upon the customer’s credit score.

OrCam Read

The OrCam Read is our latest device on the market, perfect for people with mild to moderate low vision as well as reading difficulties such as dyslexia. With just the click of a button, the OrCam Read scans an entire page of text and reads it back to you instantaneously. With BlueTooth compatibility and no need for WiFi connection, you can use the OrCam Read anytime and anywhere.

The OrCam Read currently retails in the USA for a total of $1,990. However, a payment plan is also an option for those who prefer not to pay the entire price in one lump some. Just select Sunbit (United States only) during the checkout process and you will be offered a custom payment plan.


You can choose to pay over 12, 18, or 24 months. You can also choose to checkout with Paypal and, if eligible, select Paypal Credit.

OrCam MyEye

With the OrCam MyEye, in addition to all the reading capabilities, you can also program the device to recognize the faces of colleagues and loved ones. Easily use cash to shop on your own, as the device can read bills in multiple denominations. The amount of tasks you can accomplish with an OrCam device is endless! Check out this video for a quick roundup of all the new features:

OrCam MyEye Pro retails for $4,250. Now you can easily pay for your OrCam MyEye PRO device with our 12/18/24 month payment plans. How? Just select Sunbit at checkout and you will be offered a payment plan based upon your credit history.


You can also choose to checkout with Paypal and, if eligible, select Paypal Credit.


Tens of thousands of OrCam users have already changed their lives by increasing their independence and improving their quality of life with their devices. From veterans to children, the OrCam MyEye is the best option for anyone with blindness, low vision, or visual impairment.

Please note that financing options are only available when purchasing the device over the phone or through, not on Amazon.