Electronic Glasses for The Blind

2018-06-20 | By Orcam Staff

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Electronic Glasses for The Blind - OrCam

There are many assistive devices that sound as if their purpose and functionality contradict their name and description. Electronic glasses for the blind are one of them. In many cases, the names are taken from similar or common accessories and matched with the description of the population they are made for. 

Electronic Glasses for The Blind

It is quite common to see blind people wear sunglasses. This helps them blend in and make them feel more comfortable. In many cases, it has become an identifier for blind people along with walking canes and guide dogs. Most blind people use a walking cane or a guide dog, they generally only have one hand available for use. What makes electronic glasses for the blind such a convenience is that they can be worn and used simultaneously.

Features and Technology

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In most cases, electronic glasses for the blind provide information about what the cameras on the glasses can detect through the lens. People who are blind require as many types of visual information relayed to them as possible. Today, there are many advanced technologies that allow for the identification of text, faces, colors, and even money. However, there are many objects that are not yet identified by electronic glasses. Although there is still a long way to go in feature availability, the current availability is still life-changing.

Real Life Usability

Electronic glasses for the blind have been able to open new doors and opportunities for many blind and visually impaired people. Before their availability, education for the blind was limited to schools that use braille reading and writing textbooks. Considering the fact that very few subjects have all of their textbooks in braille, the degrees and professions that can be acquired were limited. Using electronic glasses, blind students can now study in almost any school using regular digital or printed textbooks.


The ability to have any text read out loud does not only benefit academic students. Even reading books for recreation, the morning newspaper and more are now available for people who are blind. Furthermore, the professions that require these degrees can now be completed by people who are blind. Lawyers, librarians, teachers, and every other profession that requires lots of reading is now open to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Blindness Awareness and Technology Development

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There are two major reasons that electronic glasses for the blind are becoming more advanced with such feature-rich availability. The first is governmental medical care and the second is innovation and science. Governmental medical care providers are constantly trying to find new ways for people with any type of disability to be able to live a more independent life. Governments often subsidize devices in order to provide help for people with disabilities to achieve more in life.


Innovation and science have always tried to solve the biggest problems humanity has been facing. While in the past, the number of researchers and inventors was few, and the topics they focused on were fewer still. Today, many technology innovators are branching out in so many directions searching for solutions to various topics. The most advanced, life-changing electronic glasses for the blind is the OrCam MyEye 2. This revolutionary device reads text and identifies faces, money, and more. It is lightweight, portable, and does not require an internet connection.