Eight Benefits of Joining a Blind Association

2019-08-01 | By Orcam Staff

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Eight Benefits of Joining a Blind Association - OrCam

There are more than a few life-changing benefits when joining a blind association. Since governments usually do not provide blind people with everything they need, many associations have been founded over the years. Their activities and benefits try to compensate for what blind people need for a better quality of life. People who are blind or visually impaired are relying on these associations for assistance and support in their daily life. Here are eight major benefits you can enjoy from joining a blind association.



There are quite a few challenges with transportation for the blind. For people living in central locations, public transportation is sometimes available on a regular basis connecting the city from one end to another by buses and sometimes subways or light rail. However, for people living in suburban areas or small towns, public transportation can be very limited. When receiving transportation services from a blind association you can be rest assured that the drivers have been trained to assist people with disabilities. Vehicles used by associations for people with disabilities are usually better equipped for passengers with disabilities.


Besides public transportation, the emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft have made travel a bit easier for people who are blind or visually impaired. Uber has recently launched a program for passengers with disabilities. This new program even allows for people with service animals to accompany them in their Uber.

Life Skills and Training

An association that helps people with disabilities cares for their lives and the challenges of living with their condition. Regular training sessions can be expected that will enable those with disabilities to live with more independence. The training can include house chore skills such as cooking, cleaning, and gardening. People with disabilities obviously don’t need to rely on the blind association to provide the training. They can also search online for cooking tips from blind chefs. Here are ten cooking tips from blind chef Christina Hu who was a Masterchef finalist. Also, check out how this blind chef uses advanced assistive technology to help him in the kitchen.

Administrative and Services Support

In most countries, dealing with government bureaucracy is not the easiest thing. This is also true when needing to deal with service providers such as electric companies, banks, and so forth. In both cases, people are expected to read the information on their own and fill out forms to receive service. Most government offices and service providers provide a disability-adaptable method of receiving services from them. However, these adaptations still prove difficult for many people with disabilities. Furthermore, people who are blind or visually impaired may experience even more challenges because of their difficulty in reading and filling in the information themselves. Joining a blind association will grant access to their help and support in these issues throughout the time of membership.

Field Trips and Events


For people who are disabled, visiting national parks and nature attractions is very difficult. Even museums and monuments which are accessible to people who are disabled have their challenges for people with disabilities. Traveling to such locations with a blind association comes with helpful benefits. One such benefit is that coordinating a visit with a group of people with a disability often will provide assistance from the local staff who will usually have dedicated staff members allocated for assisting the group during their visit. Some attractions even have assistive technology like OrCam MyEye 2, allowing blind and visually impaired visitors to enjoy them more independently.

Blind Association Support Groups

Living with a disability has its challenges. The ones most people don’t talk about are the emotional and mental difficulties. Almost any challenge in life is easier when you can talk about, especially when its in a safe and accepting environment. Besides supporting others you will also have them there to support you. A support group in a blind association is usually directed by professional psychologists and social workers who are experienced in counseling and providing the necessary support required.

Discounts on Assistive Devices and Living Aids

A senior lady laying in the grass with two of her grandchildren reading them a book with an assistive device for text reading

Many people with disabilities use assistive devices and living aids. In general, purchasing as an individual consumer is more expensive than purchasing as a part of a group. A blind association will often receive benefits through alliances and partnerships with companies that provide the necessary devices and aids for people who are blind and visually impaired. These benefits can be in the form of discounts or bonus packages when purchasing an item.


When evaluating a device or a living aid on your own, you may not be as aware of other people’s experiences and reviews on the item as the associations are. When many members have had a good experience and are happy with a device or living aid, you will be able to receive recommendations for it. This will give you a higher chance of being satisfied with your device or living aid than trying to decide on your own.

OrCam MyEye 2 mounted on a pair of glasses resing on an open book

Among devices to consider for the blind and visually impaired is OrCam MyEye 2, which provides users with the most advanced features available today, such as reading text, recognizing faces, identifying products and more. This enables the blind and visually impaired to live a better life with a higher level of independence.

Medical Consultation and Advice


A blind association will often have a medical consultant, eye doctor or even an eye specialist who is available for consulting for its members. When trying to receive medical attention and trying to understand the treatments, there is so much you need to understand in order to make the right decision. When being a part of a blind association, there are many people in the association who have gone through similar medical procedures and treatments. These members will be able to provide you with invaluable information which will help you with your condition. In some cases, associations will have contact people in clinics and hospital departments who will be able to give special attention to the members of the association.

Employment and Job Opportunities

For most of the working population, employment is not always easy to find. This is even more so for people living with disabilities. Not every employer is willing to hire people with disabilities. There are, however, companies that specifically hire people with disabilities. A list of these companies can be found here. When you are part of a blind association, you will be able to use their help to find employers who have previously employed other members of the association. These employers will usually be more understanding and accepting to employees with any type of disability.


We hope you found this list helpful and that it helps you make the best decision if you are considering joining a blind association. A list with a description of associations and organizations that help the blind and visually impaired can be found here.