16 Dyslexia YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Now | For Parents & Teachers

2020-05-02 | By Orcam Staff

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16 Dyslexia YouTube Channels to Subscribe to | For Parents & Teachers

There are plenty of helpful YouTube channels focused on special conditions. YouTube channels for dyslexic people, for parents of a dyslexic person, or for tutors of dyslexic people are highly successful. These YouTube channels are providing a nice amount of educational material and daily tips. 

What are the most recommended dyslexia YouTube Channels?

According to one study*, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels, and this number increases daily. Just in one year, the number of total YouTube channels grew more than 23%, which is a magnificent leap. YouTube channels for dyslexia have a steady audience. Additionally, tutors and organizations are trying to enrich their video content for dyslexic people. On this list, you can find the most subscribed to YouTube channels for dyslexic people.

16) Ms. Jane’s Tutoring & Dyslexia Services

Subscribers: 2K+
You will find: Practical Tips and Resources

Ms. Jane's Tutoring & Dyslexia Services

Ms. Jane is a private tutor for dyslexia, and she has her educational vlog. She is a mother who tries the best for her patients. You can learn many tips from her for your daily activities.

15) This Reading Mama

Subscribers: 3K+
You will find: Learning Materials

this reading mama

This Reading Mama presents different videos for hands-on learning. You can watch her videos with your dyslexic child. At home, you can help him/her to better understand English words.

14) The Codpast

Subscribers: 2K+
You will find: Practical Tips and Inspirational Content

the codpast

The Codpast has been providing practical tips for dyslexic adults and dyslexic students since 2014. They have their podcast where they are hosting different guests and having warm discussions.

13) Learning Ally

Subscribers: 2K+
You will find: Educational articles and Resources

Learning Ally

Learning Ally creates helpful videos for tutors and teachers. If you have a dyslexic child in your classroom, this channel is a must-see. Additionally, you can find real stories from teachers.

12) Embracing Dyslexia

Subscribers: 4K+
You will find: Interviews with Experts

embracing dyslexia

Listening to dyslexia from the experts will change your life. Also, you can find a Spanish documentary about dyslexia and more.

11) DyslexiaConnect

Subscribers: 4K+
You will find: Educational Materials and Tutoring


Get more insights about dyslexia from the tutors and watch their webinars. Above all, DyslexiaConnect provides different educational videos to understand dyslexia and better analyze dyslexia symptoms.

10) British Dyslexia Association

Subscribers: 5K+
You will find: Educational and Inspirational

British Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association is one of the best organizations that increases the awareness of dyslexia in the world. They are hosting successful dyslexic people to share their tips and experiences with others. So, you are not alone, and these stories will give you the motivation you are looking for.

9) Nishantha : How To Dyslexia

Subscribers: 8K+
You will find: Educational and Inspirational Content

Nishantha  How To Dyslexia

Nishantha is a science and technology teacher. He shares his experiences, insight, and also challenges with other dyslexic people. Therefore, his channel may be helpful for dyslexic adults.

8) Made by Dyslexia

Subscribers: 9K+
You will find: Educational Content and Webinars

Made by dyslexia

Made by Dyslexia is a global charity organization led by dyslexic people. They are working to increase awareness of dyslexia. Besides that, you will enjoy the variety of webinars that they present.

7) Dyslexic Advantage

Subscribers: 8K+
You will find: Educational and Inspirational Content


Dyslexia is not a limitation, it is an advantage. When you listen to dyslexia from the top university professors, your understanding will change completely. MIT professors and scientists are uniquely handling dyslexia.

6) International Dyslexia Association

Subscribers: 9K+
You will find: Educational and Awareness

International Dyslexia Association

USA-based International Dyslexia Association has more than 11.000 members and operates 44 different branches throughout the USA and Canada. It is an outstanding charity organization for dyslexic students and adults. Every year from various events, publications, and conferences they raise more than $2 million.

5) Reading Rockets

Subscribers: 20K+
You will find: Educational Content and Interviews with Experts

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets creates evidence-based information about reading. On their YouTube channel, also, you can find more about reading tips.

4) The National Center for Learning Disabilities

Subscribers: 23K+
You will find: Educational and Inspirational Content

The National Center for Learning Disabilities

The mission of NCLD is to improve the lives of children and adults nationwide with learning issues. So, you can watch interviews with experts and learn from their professional approaches to dyslexia.

3) Dyslexia Daily

Subscribers: 30K+
You will find: Educational Content and Resources

Dyslexia Daily

Daily dyslexia tips provide free resources for your dyslexic child, inspirational talks from dyslexic people, and more. Furthermore, Dyslexia Daily is a warm community for parents, teachers, and dyslexic people. 

2) Understood

Subscribers: 70K+
You will find: Educational Content and Resources


Understood helps families recognize and understand why their child struggles. Also, guides them to advice and solutions that speak to their needs. Their educational videos are perfect for parents who have dyslexic children.

1) Nessy

Subscribers: 87K+
You will find: Reading Strategies

Nessy is a very effective methodology that helps dyslexic children read and overcome their daily problems. They have a variety of free videos for children’s education. So, if you are a parent of a dyslexic child or have a dyslexic child in your classroom, Nessy videos will be helpful.

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Ms. Jane’s Tutoring & Dyslexia Services
This Reading Mama
The Codpast
Learning Ally
Embracing Dyslexia
Dyslexia Connect
British Dyslexia Association
Nishantha : How To Dyslexia
Made By Dyslexia
International Dyslexia Association
Reading Rockets
The National Center for Learning Disabilities
Dyslexia Daily
*The study: How many YouTube channels are there?

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that causes problems with reading, writing, and spelling. About 10-15% of the population suffer from reading difficulties that will exist throughout their lives. Dyslexia or other reading difficulties impact a person’s life awfully since many of our daily activities include reading or writing. A healthy person would not be aware of this since they encounter no difficulty when performing these activities. However, these simple activities might be a very rough uphill battle for a dyslexic person.


Why should you subscribe to Dyslexia YouTube Channels?

Reading difficulties changes a person’s daily activities completely and requires the individual to work on them. As a wise man once said, “In unity, there is strength.” In other words, dealing with these kinds of health conditions is easier when you learn from others. If you are a teacher and want to help one of the pupils in your class with dyslexia, you can also find special teaching techniques for the classroom. Since dyslexic people have similar experiences, it is helpful to go through this together. In short, these are the main reasons why you should subscribe to dyslexia YouTube channels:

  1. Learning new methods for your daily activities
  2. Getting more inspiration and staying motivated all the time
  3. Knowing that you are not alone and people are always seeking to help
  4. Discovering associations for dyslexic people, and joining their events

What are the YouTube Channels?

Vlogging is the new trend for old bloggers to reach more crowds and more audiences. Every day, the number of blogs, news, stuff to track increases, and people struggle to keep up with their daily lives. Rather than reading text, it is much more convenient to watch someone who explains the same things. With the emergence of WiFi, 4G, IoT, and other connections, it is now possible to watch any video on the Internet. Even on your flight, thousands of feet above the ground, you can enjoy your favorite YouTuber’s most recent videos.


As known, YouTube is home to tens of thousands of vloggers from many countries covering a variety of different topics. You can either choose to watch technology nerds discuss the latest devices, or you can watch videos about being a single mom. There are channels for traveling, and of course, fashion, without which it is not complete.