Dyslexia Tools Will Never Be The Same Again After This

2020-03-23 | By Orcam Staff

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Dyslexia Tools Will Never Be The Same Again After This - OrCam

Modern education has finally reached a stage where students with all types of learning capabilities are accepted in the school system equally. Only fifty years ago, many students with learning disabilities were taught in a way that did not encourage them to succeed in school. Nor did it help their self-esteem and confidence. The school system simply did not know enough about learning difficulties. Neither did they understand that reading difficulties such as Dyslexia simply meant that the student’s brain works differently. Sometimes, even much better. Once reading difficulties became more common, various methods were developed to help teach students who had them. Over time, all sorts of dyslexia tools and other reading methods have been implemented into the learning system to improve the learning capabilities of students with reading difficulties.

The Moden School System

Students desk with notebooks and a tablet in a modern day classroom

You are probably asking yourself, why it took so long to develop dyslexia tools to help students to read independently. It’s important to remember how relatively new the schooling system is. What many people easily forget is that only a hundred years ago, education was limited to only a small part of society. Most kids between the ages of first graders and high school seniors did not attend school.


Slowly, decade by decade, the percentage of kids and teenagers attending schools grew gradually. According to the NCES, over fifty-six million students started the 2019 school year in the United States. There are currently three hundred and thirty million people living in the United States. This means that 17% of the entire United States population attends basic education institutes. Besides a growth in the percentage of attendance, the schools' teaching methods are evolving as well.

The Evolution of Dyslexia Tools

A student holding a book while listening to audio dyslexia tools to help her read

As schools began to grow from institutes with hundreds of students to institutes of thousands, the variety of the students grew as well. Slowly but surely, the education system realized that some students are having a harder time adapting to the classroom than others. Kids who had trouble sitting in the class were defined as students that are hyperactive or with ADHD. Schools began opening classes for these types of students that had more exercise in the gym and more free time outdoors to help them participate better in class.


Students with reading difficulties were recognized as students with Dyslexia. These students had a more difficult time in reading comprehension and recognizing letters and words. This is why Dyslexia tools were created. Special markers were used to label words to help students focus on them. Later on, devices that can be used to scan pages word by word were becoming more popular. But none of them really helped students to be able to read large amounts of text throughout the day. Students with dyslexia, their parents, and their teachers were still looking for a better solution. Along came OrCam Technologies to change the learning experience for students with dyslexia forever.

A Whole New Reading Experience

Learn Try Me Demo - New Reading Experience

The OrCam Learn is the most advanced tool in the history of dyslexia tools. The main feature that separates it from the others is the full-page capture feature. All other reading devices require scrolling line by line throughout the entire page. The OrCam Learn requires simply pointing at any printed page or digital screen and clicking the reading button. The device will then read the text out loud or into Bluetooth-compatible earphones.


Users can use the laser capture feature to focus on specific parts of the text they want to hear on any printed page or digital surface. In addition, no internet connection is required and the device does not record the data that the user reads. OrCam Learn is a lightweight and portable device allowing users to take it with them anywhere they go.