Can Dyslexia Fonts Really Help People with Dyslexia?

2020-06-01 | By Orcam Staff

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Can Dyslexia Fonts Really Help People with Dyslexia? - OrCam

Many simple everyday activities might be a disaster for people who have dyslexia or other reading difficulties. When you are working in front of a computer or trying to study for your high school exam, focusing on text and reading with understanding is an uphill struggle. Unfortunately, neither the education system nor work-life conditions are suitable for dyslexic people, even though there are reading pens for students and adults. Therefore, using some assistive technologies is very helpful and necessary. 

What is Dyslexia Friendly Font? Is It Free?

Dyslexia fonts are specially designed and developed for people with dyslexia and reading difficulties. Unlike other people, a dyslexic person can read much better with a few changes in the letters. These calligraphic changes help people to read the text with a higher level of precision. These dyslexia-friendly fonts are fonts prepared for dyslexic people with a unique calligraphic method. 


You can find suitable dyslexia fonts for your computer, iPhone, or Android phone. While some of the dyslexia fonts you will find require some form of payment, some fonts can be downloaded for free. If you are willing to pay for a more professional dyslexia font, there are plenty of options. Most of the dyslexia font providers developed extension packages for computer software. Besides using the font on your writing applications, they allow you to use the dyslexia font on your web browser, personal computer, and smartphone.

How Does Dyslexia Font work?

Having a dyslexia typeface is always an exciting idea for dyslexic people. Since Rudolf Berlin coined the term “dyslexia” in our literature, the suggested treatments did not work, and dyslexic people were helpless. With the current technology and knowledge, doctors understand those with dyslexia much better, and designing a unique typeface became easier. More or less, the dyslexic typefaces or fonts have these mutual  features to help those with dyslexia to read:

1) Using bigger gaps


The dyslexic-friendly fonts have bigger gaps between each letter. Therefore, dyslexic people can understand the letter more easily.

2) Longer-Directed tips


Best dyslexic-friendly fonts must have longer tips than regular fonts. Using longer lines helps to identify the letter better and decrease the confusion.

3) Thicker bottom


Dyslexia typefaces are using much heavier or thicker bottom style. With a greater base, letters become less confusing for dyslexic people.


These are the main changes from regular fonts which people generally use on their computers and phones. Besides these three differences, the dyslexia typeface has distinctive points which help to identify letters.

Download Dyslexia Font for Computer and Phone

Unfortunately, dyslexia-friendly fonts are not common. If you are looking for a free font for your computer (Windows, macOS, or Linux), Open Dyslexic is the best and most popular typeface. This font was released in 2011 as an open-source and can be downloaded for free.


After you have downloaded the TTF file of Open Dyslexic, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your PC Settings
  • Click on Personalization –> Fonts
  • Drag the TTF file to the frame and wait for the upload

If you want to use dyslexia font on your iPhone or Android phone, you can find the related files on the same download page.


Does Dyslexia Font Help Dyslexics?

This part may not make you happy, since the scientific answer is simply “No”. Researchers conducted many experiments on these dyslexia fonts and did not observe a promising outcome. Children with dyslexia were reading at the same pace and making the same mistakes. The root of the dyslexia problem is the language, not the vision. Still, you can try any dyslexic font for your computer or phone and experiment on your own. Even dyslexia fonts are designed for dyslexic people, it is not a treatment. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition but also surmountable with assistive reading devices such as OrCam Learn.

As a Dyslexic Person, OrCam Learn Can Change Your Life

Assistive technology continues to change people’s lives, especially for dyslexic people. Almost one out of five people have reading difficulties such as dyslexia. OrCam Learn is an award-winning gadget, designed for people with dyslexia. The developed AI allows you to scan a full page at once and converts it into audio. Connecting your OrCam Learn to your headphones via Bluetooth will allow you to enjoy reading anywhere. You can scan and listen to any text, even in the middle of nowhere, since OrCam Learn does not require an internet connection. 

You can learn more features of OrCam Learn.