Top 9 Facebook Dyslexia Support Groups to Join Now

2020-04-28 | By Orcam Staff

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Top 9 Facebook Dyslexia Support Groups to Join Now - OrCam

Times have changed, and social media has become one of the main parts of our daily lives. As result, we have started looking at the screens now more than ever. Support groups have also shifted to digital or social support groups where people meet online. Using Facebook Groups for any type of support group has become the most popular way. Now, people who are going through similar experiences can communicate online.

What are the most recommended dyslexia support Facebook groups?

Dyslexia groups on Facebook and Reddit have been created for parents since any disease related to learning is detected at a young age. Therefore, the parents are the first people to help their children. Not only parents but also primary school teachers have a critical impact on a child’s learning. On the other hand, some Facebook groups aim to increase awareness of dyslexia and sharing of personal experiences. Here you can find must-join Facebook and Reddit Dyslexia support groups.

9) Dyslexia Inspired

Total Members: 21K+
Type: Encouraging & Inspirational


You will love this dyslexia-friendly warm community. Thousands of dyslexic people are sharing their success stories and encouraging each other constantly. Moreover, different artworks, gifts, and presents for dyslexic people are presented here.

8) BDA Dyslexia

Total Members: 30K+
Type: Educational

BDA dyslexia

British Dyslexia Association shares educational videos, webinars, and more content to help parents of dyslexic children. In addition, you can follow their seminar announcements and book your ticket.

7) Dyslexia

Total Members: 39K+
Type: Educational & Parent Support Group


It is a public, worldwide community for parents, tutors, and teachers. Therefore, you can communicate with other members, and share your inspirational stories or daily struggles. This Facebook dyslexia support group has the answer to every question.

6) The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Total Members: 49K+
Type: Encouraging & Inspirational


Being dyslexic might be hard, but it does not stop you. Here you can read other dyslexic people’s success stories. After that, maybe you will be the next person to share a personal success story.

5) Dyslexia Support – for parents of dyslexic children

Total Members: 58K+
Type: Parent Support Group


A special group for parents of dyslexic children where you can share your experiences. And also, learn from other parents. Being a parent of a dyslexic child is not an easy task, however, sharing daily tips makes it easier for you.

4) Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

Total Members: 80K+
Type: Educational & Parent Support Group


Here is another Facebook group created by a professional tutor. Susan Barton is providing valuable content for dyslexic people. You can view her webinars for free. After that, follow her blog posts and keep in touch with other members.

3) Dyslexia Daily

Total Members: 84K+
Type: Educational & Parent Support Group


As mentioned before, some Facebook dyslexia support groups are managed by tutors. Liz Dunnon, Karen Starkiss, and Prof. John Stein are creating educational blogs and webinars. Above all, they are creating information sources for dyslexic people. You can find tips and tricks for everyday activities.

2) Made by Dyslexia

Total Members: 130K+
Type: Global Awareness & Support Group


This Facebook group was created by a charity organization known as Made by Dyslexia. They are working collaboratively with Microsoft and EY. Besides that, they are helping dyslexic children through donations. You can contribute and help other dyslexic people.

1) Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) & Dyslexia Support

Total Members: 130K+
Type: Support Group


This Facebook group is a support group for parents and teachers. You will get notifications about the latest news about reading difficulties and dyslexia. Additionally, people in this group are sharing inspirational quotes, news, and educational blog posts.

Bonus: Dyslexia Reddit Support Group

Total Members: 13K+
Type: Parent Support Group

Dyslexic people are not meeting on Facebook, but also Reddit is a very popular platform to meet. Every day, hundreds of posts about dyslexia are published in the Dyslexia Reddit group. You can ask any question or answer other people’s questions freely.

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Dyslexia Inspired
BDA Dyslexia
The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
Dyslexia Support – for parents of dyslexic children
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Dyslexia Daily
Made by Dyslexia
Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) & Dyslexia Support
Dyslexia Reddit Support Group

What are the support groups?

Support groups are a very effective way to bring people together who are going through similar experiences. Support groups help people share their struggles and feelings openly. People who have already gotten over their problems can inspire others. This method has been used by doctors for many years and produces impressive results.


What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are the new meeting places for people to share their common interests, hobbies, or opinions. All Facebook users have the right to join any group and share their ideas openly. Additionally, each Facebook user can start a new Facebook group. Each member has the right to share a post, image, video, or comment on others’ posted content.

Why should you join Facebook Dyslexia Support groups?

Similar experience among members of a dyslexia support group shows that these people have similar worries, feelings, and everyday problems. Joining dyslexia Facebook groups are a great chance to learn from others and get more inspiration. Above all, when you become a member of any dyslexia Facebook group, you will see that you are not alone. There are thousands of people who share similar experiences. Here are the three main vital reasons why you should join a Facebook or Reddit dyslexia support group:

  • Feeling that you belong, and are not alone
  • Getting practical advice and improving your life quality
  • Keeping motivated and communicating with others