What to Do When Your Child Is Struggling In School? Tips For Parents

2022-06-10 | By Orcam Staff

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What to Do When Your Child Is Struggling In School? Tips For Parents - OrCam Learn

As parents, we believe it’s our responsibility to raise our children the best we can, making sure our children have the best chances of growing up to be happy, successful adults. When a child has problems at school, it affects all other aspects of his life as well as his family. So how can we help him overcome the barrier? 

Identifying The Problem 

When a child struggles in school, we need to find the reasons why. There are many reasons children may struggle in school and finding the cause of the problem will lead us to find the solution. 


Kids tend to be focused when they are learning something that interests them. Perhaps the subject is something they find very boring or irrelevant. Find ways to connect them with the subject or to make the learning process of this subject more fun. 


Some students find specific lessons to be harder than others, like math or learning a foreign language. In this case, you should try to dedicate more time to studying this particular subject. 


It is also possible your child struggles with the social part of school. Difficulty making friends or not feeling included in any group. In this case, it is better to speak to the guidance counselor. 


Learning challenges can also be the reason why your child finds school challenging. Learning challenges (also known as learning disabilities) can include difficulties with reading, learning, spelling, and comprehension, affecting students’ performance at school. The most common learning challenges are Dyslexia and ADHD.

Teacher helps a student in a classroom

Strategies and Tips to Help Your Child

  1. Take a deeper look into your child’s learning environment and habits. Go over their notebooks and written answers. Stay close when they are studying for a test or doing homework.  
  2. Have a chat about school with your child. Find how they feel, what they think about their experience and school life.
  3. Speak with your child’s teacher or counselor. Educators’ opinions are important in order to better understand what your child is dealing with. Then, consult a specialist to determine if in fact your child is struggling with a learning challenge.
  4. Set aside time for homework and time for fun. Scheduled learning sessions in a nice environment with the promise of a fun break later will encourage your child to study harder. Soon it will be a habit. 
  5. Support and encourage your child. Not all children are the same and this is the time to help your child find something they are good at. Happy children have more drive and self-belief to overcome challenges. 
  6. Use different learning methods. Some kids find it difficult to focus in school or learn from a book. Try games, videos, study groups, or even private tutoring instead. 
  7. Assistive technology. Thankfully today there are smart technology tools like the OrCam Learn designed specifically for students. These devices can help with reading, spelling, and comprehension.
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Set Them Up For Success

Schools are important for every child’s development. It is a place for children to learn, discover and come to know the world. Meet friends, make acquaintances, learn how to manage time, expand their horizons, and find out what their strengths are. 


However, the process is more important than the grade and the goal is to raise happy, confident children, so love the child you have and not the child you wish to have. 


Loved children can overcome barriers and find their place in life more easily, using creativity and confidence. 

Girl in library uses the OrCam Learn

Smart Technology Device for School

OrCam Learn is an advanced studying tool for students of all ages. 


The device offers a unique learning experience, is interactive, and partners with each student as they read, learn, and grow. The OrCam Learn reads text from any surface, includes interactive reading fluency and comprehension assessment reports, and tracks the progress the user has made.


Discover how the OrCam Learn can help children with learning challenges overcome their struggles at school.