Celebrating World Book Day as a Dyslexic Person

2021-04-12 | By Orcam Staff

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Celebrating World Book Day as a Dyslexic Person - OrCam

How dyslexic people can celebrate World Book Day?

Every year comes with many inspirational moments, however, these moments might be more special for some of us. Celebrating World Book Day with hundreds of thousands of book lovers on the same day is surely one of these moments. We are celebrating the privilege of being able to read and refresh our lives with fascinating stories.


World Book and Copyright Day is a well-known celebration among most students, teachers, and bookworms. International Book Day was established on the 23rd of April 1995 by UNESCO to encourage the younger generation the joy of reading books. Because reading helps to discover worlds beyond our physical limits.


Prepare your tokens and place them for World Book Day

Who does not want to share moments of enjoyment with others? You should not wait for others to give you, rather, take the initiative and distribute national book tokens to your friends. World Book Day tokens are useful to encourage and initiate others to read more. They are simply gifted cards that can be used to purchase books. Tokens are highly motivational for the children, as you can reward their positive attitudes, best performances, and so on.

The taste of reading without any difficulties

Everyone knows the unique and delightful feeling of finishing a book. Knowing that you will miss the characters, you will miss the feelings and the adventures found within. You have already carried the book more than you think. Further, you tried to read one more page while traveling or just before going to sleep. You know this feeling by heart, and you are sure everyone knows it. Unfortunately, it is not true.


According to research conducted by the Ministry of Education in the United Kingdom, one out of five children can not read well by the age of 11. These statistics are not true just for the United Kingdom but the world. Another research conducted by the Dyslexia Center of Utah presented the exact same ratio among the American children and their families. However, dyslexia will no longer present a barrier to celebrating World Book Day for those diagnosed with it.


OrCam Read was developed as an assistive tool to increase the life quality of people suffering from reading fatigue and reading difficulties such as dyslexia. World Book Day will be a celebration for everyone including all children and adults with dyslexia. It was once very difficult for those with dyslexia to finish a very short book or even a chapter,  but no more.

With OrCam Read, more meaningful celebration

Assistive technology for reading has developed substantially and become popular in society. Using assistive technology for reading is not unique to dyslexic people, as many people suffer from eye conditions and diseases. In both cases, people prefer using technological reading devices to read the books out loud.


Reading Hamlet by William Shakespeare, The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a unique experience and beyond words to describe. These classics – and even more – change a person’s life significantly, however, reading hundreds of pages is very challenging for people with dyslexia. OrCam Read is perfect for students, adults, and the elderly.


OrCam Read is the most efficient and convenient assistive device to read a book or even a newspaper or magazine article. Most devices require the user to scroll line-by-line or require using it many times for each page. This is not just time-consuming but also highly frustrating. With the current technology, it is very easy to read classics, articles, newspapers, and even digital screens. OrCam Read will scan the whole page of a book with just one push of a button and you can start to listen from where exactly you want. You missed a part, no problem, just click one button and it will re-read the last sentence.

Celebrating World Book Day with OrCam Read

The Smart Reading feature is one of the most powerful and superior features. Developed OCR (Optical Character Reading) technology, understands all text on the page, and categorizes the headlines, paragraphs, numbers, and lists. OrCam Read does not require any internet connection. Sitting on a bench at the park, listening to your favorite book while enjoying the atmosphere at the same time.


Time changes, technology, and reading assistance devices are improving while taking an important place in people’s lives. Now, you can start to read all the books you wondered about before but could not read. The perfect day to take action is coming, and you are one click away from celebrating World Book Day. This upcoming World Book Day will be much improved as those with dyslexia will be a part of the celebration thanks to OrCam Read.