Blind Social Media Influencers to Follow

2020-04-27 | By Orcam Staff

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Blind Social Media Influencers to Follow - OrCam

We understand that having vision difficulties can be frustrating and challenging. We also understand that in addition to that, sometimes being blind or visually impaired can feel isolating and lonely. Following blind influencers on social media channels can not only be entertaining but also very enlightening as they offer helpful tips and show you that you are not alone.

Who are some good blind influencers to follow on social media? Let’s explore together!

Blindness Activism

Holly Scott-Gardner of Catch These Words is an active blogger and YouTube creator. She updates her YouTube channel frequently with content that helps non-blind people understand how blind people live, such as “How blind people use phones.” She also uploads content that is useful for blind people, such as “Taking and organizing pictures when you are blind.” Despite having a rare disease called Lebers congenital amaurosis, her positive outlook on life is contagious through her Instagram posts.

Ashley Nemeth of Blind Moving On has been visually impaired since birth due to Ocular Albinism. She is a vocal advocate and motivational speaker for the abilities of people who are blind and partially sighted, with a mission of breaking down misconceptions and stigmas that follow blind people. She is also a wife and mother to three lovely children and posts many cute photos of her dog on her Instagram page.

Casey Greer’s YouTube channel, How Casey Sees It, has over three thousand subscribers who watch her videos about blindness. Her rare condition, Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome, makes her “one in a million” and motivates her to put out content for both blind and non-blind people. Topics include how she works around not being able to drive and how she uses a white cane.

Blind Lifestyle Influencers

Another blogger who happens to be named Holly, from Life of a Blind Girl, is a 24-year old British avid concert-goer who also happens to be blind due to a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). Holly can only see light and dark and is the founder of Access for Us UK, a platform whose aim is to raise awareness for disabled fans regarding easy and necessary access at music venues, theatres, cinemas, and more. As an award-winning blogger, Holly also worked together with Amazon to write a piece about how Alexa can make life easier for people living with sight loss.

Tommy Edison, a.k.a. the Blind Film Critic, is a movie critic who has never actually seen a movie. In his YouTube channel with over 40K subscribers, he reviews a range of movies from Star Trek to the Hunger Games–all with no spoilers!

With almost 2 million YouTube subscribers, Molly Burke has not let her Retinitis Pigmentosa stop her from living life to the fullest. From skiing to skydiving to dating to going over her latest fashion haul, Molly covers it all. Her content is upbeat and fun and there is something for everyone on her channel.

Everything Else

What about the influencers who don’t fall into the advocacy or lifestyle category? We’ll put them here 🙂

Sam Seavey of The Blind Life describes his YouTube channel of 22K followers as “a representation of what is going on in my life and what I enjoy, all from the visually impaired perspective.” He is clearly passionate about all types of technology, from headphones to the Apple TV. He also covers assistive technology such as this smart oven and the OrCam MyEye, a tiny camera that attaches to a person’s glasses and helps them read text and recognize faces.

OrCam MyEye currently empowers thousands of blind or visually impaired people to be more independent on a daily basis. It allows them to read menus, newspapers, books, and bank statements at the point of a finger without relying on assistance from the people around them. In the video below, Sam does an enthusiastic and thorough unboxing of the device.

Christine Ha is the first-ever blind contestant and winner of MasterChef Season 3 with Gordon Ramsay. In addition to writing a New York Times best-selling cookbook and co-hosting the cooking show, Four Senses, Christine and her husband, John, produce a YouTube channel with over 128K subscribers for her fans. She has also opened a restaurant called The Blind Goat in Houston, Texas whose gastronomic food can be ogled on their Instagram page. The Vietnamese restaurant’s dishes range from pork belly skewers to Texas BBQ brisket spring rolls to apple pie for dessert.

We hope this list of blind social media influencers was able to make you feel a bit less alone with your loss of vision, and show you that you can still live an extraordinarily happy life without full sight. If you’re interested in learning more about the OrCam MyEye and using it like Sam does, jot down your information below and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.