Blind From Birth Soccer Fan Meets with Leo Messi

2020-09-09 | By Orcam Staff

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Blind From Birth Soccer Fan Meets with Leo Messi - OrCam

Pere Ribes Grabuleda is a fourteen years old radio show soccer commentator from Spain. What makes Pere’s story so unique is that he is blind from birth, and still achieves way more than anyone would have expected. His excitement and enthusiasm for the game can be felt through his commentary. He constantly follows up on games and soccer news. 

Being Blind from Birth Won’t Hold Pere Back in Life

Besides his sports radio commentary, Pere often plays soccer with his friends. He also swims competitively and is passionate about music. Playing the piano and singing are two of his musical hobbies. In addition to his hobbies, Pere reads using the Braille reading method. For many people who are blind from birth, tactile reading is the main reading method taught in schools. The braille system helps Pere to learn school-related subjects on braille printed text books. However, one of the problems that braille presents is that not all of the school books are being published in Braille print as well.

In recent years, braille is in a decline. Considering how information and data are being transferred in modern times, it should come as no surprise. Very few media and news companies are still publishing printed editions. For a number of reasons. The first is, that the internet has allowed for any publisher of news and entertainment to be able to instantly make it’s published content accessible to everyone. Existing content can also be updated instantly. 


When it comes to entertainment magazines and printed books, there are still many that are being printed. But the majority of them are either shifting or have already shifted to digital distribution. When it comes to soccer news, the kind of news that interests Pere the most, most sports editions are being published online. This provides soccer fans with instant news and updates about their favorite teams and players.

With OrCam MyEye Pere Can Read Anything Instantly

In order to be able to follow up on the most recent soccer news and games scores, another reading solution besides Braille must be used. The best type of solution is using assistive technology for people with low vision. The most advanced assistive technology devices are made by OrCam Technologies. OrCam MyEye is OrCam’s most advanced device for people who are fully blind from birth and for those who have developed blindness throughout their lifetime. It has a list of revolutionary features and unique attributes that make it stand apart from all other assistive technology devices.

OrCam Technologies is working on increasing awareness for people with low vision worldwide. In order to do so, they are putting together a team of twelve extraordinary sports fans and athletes who are visually impaired. This is the #OrCam_DreamTeam. Pere has recently become a member of the #OrCam_DreamTeam. Pere recently traveled to Barcelona when he was officially accepted into the #OrCam_DreamTeam. During his visit, he met Leo Messi. Messi was impressed by Pere’s enthusiasm for soccer and of his broadcasting on the radio. That day, Pere also received a gift that will change his life beyond measure. Pere received his very own Orcam MyEye. 


OrCam MyEye is a lightweight portable miniature device that attaches magnetically to any pair of glasses. In addition,  it is operated with hand gestures and by pushing buttons or sliding fingers on the device. Even though it’s a digital device, it does not require any internet connection in order to activate its features. OrCam MyEye can read text from any printed or digital device. Even from street signs and menus. It can also recognize faces, colors, money bills, personal items, and barcodes of shelf products.