The Best Gadgets for Every College Student MUST Have [2022]

2022-04-25 | By Orcam Staff

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The Best Gadgets for Every College Student MUST Have [2022] - OrCam Learn

College students are always on the lookout for new gadgets that can help them in their classes and improve their learning. A lot of these gadgets are used to increase the engagement of the student during lectures or presentations, and can also be used as study aids or just to keep you entertained! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite gadgets that will help you succeed in your studies at college.

1) Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

An ergonomic wireless mouse and keyboard are a must-have for college students. They are extremely useful in classrooms where you can’t usually move around, like during lectures or presentations. They allow you to easily take notes and navigate through applications without having to get up from your seat or carry a wired mouse around.

2) Desk Lamp to Help with Studying in the Dark

A desk lamp with many features is another tool for college students. Students who tend to study in the library or even at home will definitely appreciate it! A simple LED reading light can help you get through your studies without straining your eyes from using a regular lamp right beside you. It’s also great if you want to take notes during night lectures and presentations which are usually held in dark rooms because of lack of sunlight.

3) Wireless Headphones for Music while Studying

Students love listening to music while they study and do their homework. A pair of comfortable wireless headphones are a perfect choice for college students who want to listen to music without bothering the people around them with loudspeakers or earphones plugged into your phone!


You can also use it as an alternative studying method, where you focus on one thing at once – either listening to some good tunes or concentrating on solving problems from physics class!

4) Powerstation for All College Situations

You never know when your phone or laptop might run out of battery, but this small gadget can be a lifesaver! It’s an external portable charger that will charge most devices at least three times before you need to recharge it again. One full recharging cycle usually provides up to four additional charges (depending on the model). This comes in extremely handy during long lectures and presentations where there are no electrical sockets nearby, not to mention if you want to go camping with friends over the weekend!    

5) Streaming Stick for Classy Presentations

College students are always on the lookout for new gadgets that can help them in their classes and improve learning. For students who are also into technology, a streaming stick is an awesome gadget to have! It allows you to effortlessly broadcast what’s on your laptop or tablet screen onto a big projector for everyone in the class to see. This makes it extremely easy and convenient if you want to show some videos from YouTube as part of a presentation or even just stream Netflix during break time without having everyone crowd around your computer.

6) Advanced Laptop for Your College Research

A laptop that’s light, fast, and easy to carry around is an important tool for college students. It will allow you to travel with it between classes without straining your shoulder or spending too much time pulling out cords from the back of your computer!

7) Flash Drive to Keep All Your College Files

A flash drive is a perfect choice for college students who want to easily transfer files from one computer or laptop to another. Unlike Dropbox and Google Drive, which require you to have an internet connection, a USB drive does not require any of that!

8) OrCam Learn: New Era for Studying.

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