Best Charities to Donate to That Help the Disabled

2019-08-07 | By Orcam Staff

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Best Charities to Donate to That Help the Disabled - OrCam

With online payments being so easy these days through online payment platforms, anyone from anywhere can send money to anyone. This fluidity of capital has allowed for more than just online shopping to grow in size and availability. It has also allowed for online charity to grow to exponentially. The best charities to donate to are found in an abundance through numerous websites and social media platforms. Any cause you can categorize as being charitable can be found and financed completely online. This has led to an increase in worldwide philanthropy activities on a scale never seen before.

Anonymous Individuals Get Very Little Attention

However, even the best charities to donate to are not always brought to the public’s attention. The majority of people still receive most of their news and information from conventional media. The same applies when it comes to charity awareness audience reach. Social media and internet accessibility have created an age where anyone can share their story with the world. The limitation with this is that there needs to be a social media connection for the story to spread. This is the audience that views your Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and tweets. This is why fundraising by individuals is usually only reaching small circles, through word of mouth and social media.

Connecting the World Through Online Donation

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain

When it comes to famous causes, it can often reach global or national coverage. When this happens, they can raise millions of dollars in a matter of weeks or months. In 2o18 one of the most famous campaigns was for the Humboldt Broncos, which raised 15 Million Dollars. Another famous campaign was for the Stoneman’s Douglas victims fund which raised 10 Million Dollars.

Best Charities to Donate to with the Biggest Effect

A man holding his baby daughter in an embrace in an open field with mountains in the backround

While reviewing charities as a potential donor, you might prefer to make a larger impact. The level of influence and satisfaction from your donation is often greater when donating to campaigns fundraising in smaller amounts. These amounts are usually in the range of a few thousands of dollars. In these cases, every donation makes a big difference. In addition, the influence and life-changing effects are usually immediate.


When a disabled single mother raises money for an assistive device, she can receive it within days of receiving the funds she raised. The ability to avoid bureaucracy and procedures creates almost instantaneous results. This might be one of the main reasons online fundraising is so successful these past few years. Donors enjoy making an impact and seeing quick results from their donations. Furthermore, recipients publish thank you video’s and posts immediately after reaching their goal. This creates a sense of intimate gratitude. Donors appreciate this personal expression of gratitude for their donations.

Donating to Causes You Believe In

When asking yourself what are the best charities to donate to, there are multiple variables that come into account. Usually, individuals asking for donations can’t provide you with a tax deduction for your donation. On the other hand, sometimes the people who are in the most desperate situation are individuals fundraising alone. With online fundraising on the rise, it is becoming the go-to method for more and more people. Moreover, many of the donations are from complete strangers. Because of this, people know that anyone can be the source of their life-changing donations.

Medical Fundraising for Disabled People

Volunteers Assisting an Old Man on a Wheelchair

When creating an online fundraising campaign, you need to choose a category. Categories include medical, memorial, education, emergency, faith, and more. One-third of the campaigns on GoFundMe are for medical fundraising. This shows the high demand and awareness for the Medical category fundraising. Medical causes have always been considered as some of the best charities to donate to. Hospitals and medical research were always among the highest in their attraction to donors. 


Within the medical category, you may find campaigns to pay for medical treatments and procedures. You will also find campaigns for equipment and aids. This equipment can range from mobility aids such as wheelchairs to vehicles equipped for transporting people with disabilities. There is also fundraising for daily aids of all kinds. People with disabilities require assistive devices for independence and enablement at home and for work.

Donations for the Blind and Visually Impaired

A visually impaired woman sitting with her two daughters in their living room using OrCam MyEye 2 to read a story to them from a childrens book

Many people who are blind or visually impaired are fundraising for purchasing OrCam MyEye 2 devices. This is the most advanced wearable assistive device for the blind and visually impaired, that reads text, recognizes faces, identifies products and more. Nearly one hundred people have launched a campaign in order to raise enough money to purchase this life-changing device.


Click here to find GoFundMe campaigns that can help improve the quality of life and enable independence for the blind and visually impaired.