The 5 Best Activities for Visually Impaired People

2022-03-08 | By Orcam Staff

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The 5 Best Activities for Visually Impaired People - OrCam

The best activities for visually impaired people consist of both diverse and fun activities that almost anyone can choose from and have a great time participating in. Whether you are a family with a visually impaired family member, a group of friends or an association for people who are visually impaired, you will definitely find a fitting activity to choose from on this list.

Activities for Visually Impaired People

People who are visually impaired can participate in a lot more activities than most would think, yet the list of activities for them is shorter than the list of activities for people who are fully sighted. However, even people who are fully sighted don’t do all of the activities that are available to them because there are simply lots of activities!


Activities for visually impaired people require tactile or audio-focused options. In addition, physically intense activities which require a high level of movement are usually outdoor activities. If you are looking to do an outdoor activity, you can find a list of fun and exciting outdoor activities for the blind and visually impaired here. If some of the people in you’re group are elderly or having difficulty in mobility, this list will provide great indoor activities to choose from.

Here is our list of the 5 Best Activities for Visually Impaired People:

1. Painting

painting brush

The advantage of this activity is that quite often, people who are visually impaired can identify colors, even if it is to a limited degree. However, not all visually impaired individuals can identify colors or distinguish between them. If not all of the visually impaired individuals who are expecting to participate in the activity can identify colors, this activity may not be a good fit for you. However, assistive technology like the OrCam MyEye can identify colors, which can be helpful with this activity. Choosing this activity will give people the opportunity to let out their artistic side and express it freely.


You may be surprised to know that there are famous blind and visually impaired artists. Here is a list of some of the most remarkable paintings by blind and visually impaired artists. This doesn’t mean, however, that the results of your group’s paintings will be as good. But this shouldn’t stop you or anyone from having fun in creating art they can be proud of. Barrie Goodfellow is a blind and deaf artist who created a website called LowVision Art. On his website, you will find useful painting instructions for blind people.

2. Museums

Exhibit Painting Display

There are many museums that people who are visually impaired can enjoy visiting. Trips to museums are on the list of activities for blind people people that are both fun and educational. Most museums provide guided or audio tours. With guided tours, visually impaired visitors can enjoy having a guide describing to them what they can’t see. In addition, the guide can provide useful information that will make a visit to the museum interactive and rich with information. There are even museums that offer audio tours. Audio tours allow visitors to enjoy their visit at their own pace.


There are even museums that provide assistive technology for blind and visually impaired visitors during their visit. The Rangers Football Club in the UK provides this option. Blind and visually impaired visitors to the club’s museum can now enjoy their visit with an OrCam MyEye 2 device. The device reads text and recognizes faces and colors for them during their visit to the club’s museum.

3. Cooking or Baking

Baking pie

Everyone loves a good meal and baked goods are very popular as well. We live in an industrial society where we don’t often take part in the preparation process of the food we eat. This is a great opportunity to learn new recipes and taste exciting and exotic foods we don’t usually get a chance to. Besides taking part in preparing the food, the visually impaired participants in this activity can read the recipes and instructions. They can even choose the recipes online or from cookbooks with the help of readers and assistive technology.


A visually impaired chef was featured on Dr. Phil and demonstrated how he uses the OrCam MyEye 2 to perform all of the cooking-related activities that he can’t do on his own. Using the device, he reads recipes and identifies colors of objects in the kitchen or of ingredients that are used in the recipes he uses. He even shops independently at stores using the barcode recognition feature and the text reading feature to read products’ information.

4. Board Games

Board Games

You may wonder how playing board games can be on the list of activities for visually impaired people. Most board games require identifying cards, letters, and pieces on the board. Many board games have been adapted for the blind and visually impaired. Most of them have been adapted for tactile recognition so that the blind and visually impaired can enjoy them as well. The 10 best-adapted games for the blind and visually impaired can be found here.

5. Concerts


Going to a concert is one of the noisiest activities for visually impaired people that you can choose to do. Therefore, if you are sensitive to loud noises and crowds, this one may not be for you. The experience of the music and the crowd is the kind that will be enjoyable and memorable for everyone. The advantage of going to a concert is that the main feature is the music. This can be enjoyed fully by people who are visually impaired who are capable of hearing. Even people who have a mild degree of hearing impairment might enjoy going to a concert.


We hope that at least one of these activities for visually impaired people sparks your interest! You can always try the OrCam MyEye tool to help you with face recognition, money, and product identification and reading!


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